Suck! Zhang Tielin sishengnv case against illegitimate child custody by

Suck! Zhang Tielin sishengnv case against illegitimate child custody and cable public concern number Sina micro plastic, see more wonderful original content! Original title: Zhang Tielin Panpei illegitimate alimony and child custody of Zhang Tielin Xiaoqin cable where the Sina entertainment news the evening of September 18th, net exposure of actor Zhang Tielin’s illegitimate daughter Zhang successful prosecution, the people’s Court of Chaoyang District found that Zhang is Zhang Tielin daughter, sentenced Zhang Tielin to one-time compensation daughter eighteen years alimony. For the verdict, Zhang’s mother said in an interview with satisfaction, said the law is fair, and revealed that Zhang Tielin has custody of the court, the daughter has entered the university like professional. According to network news, the son of Zhang Tielin’s mother Ms. Zi will sue Zhang Tielin, the court also demands custody of his son, the current litigation has been carried out both the evidence exchange program, will be held in September 29th in the Chaoyang District court official hearing. Last year’s Zhang Tielin Zhang Tielin illegitimate court before the court refused to Renqin in December last year, Zhang father daughter Zhang Tielin to court. Zhang and his mother that Zhang Tielin had, in spite of her physical and mental health, asked his name from her birth certificate removed, repeatedly offered a paternity test, delay the time do not want to give daughter passport signature, made a series of abnormal behavior, and the behavior intention is not to pay or pay her alimony, escape from custody responsibility. Therefore, Zhang decided to bring a lawsuit to the court, asked Zhang Tielin compensation for 18 years of alimony. According to reports, until before the trial, Zhang Tielin faced the media still does not recognize her daughter, said: "whenever his peace of mind, not to confuse right and wrong for the money, viciously slander. I am glad that the final fears can be solved through legal channels, but also the public opinion to the true faith, but also the parties to self-knowledge, children in peace and stability, but also to feel good conscience. I respect the law, ready to want them to court to argue." The court sentenced Zhang Tielin to 18 years of one-time compensation for losing compensation fee of more than six months after the trial, in June 22nd this year, Zhang prosecution Zhang Tielin finally ruling, Chaoyang District people’s court ruling in favor of Zhang, confirmed that it was Zhang Tielin’s own daughter, Zhang Tielin ordered in the judgment within seven days of a one-time compensation of 18 years of alimony, and share a part of case acceptance fee. For this verdict, Zhang’s mother expressed satisfaction in the subsequent interview, said the law is fair, and revealed that Zhang Tielin has been handed over to the court alimony, daughter has entered the university like professional. Since the daughter of 14 years old to contact his father, asked his father to sign a letter of consent on the passport, to the daughter of the university to go to college at the age of 17, after a long period of four years, Zhang’s mother said. The mother of the illegitimate child will also appeal to prosecute Zhang Tielin sentenced to custody according to media reports, Zhang Tielin in addition to foreign and his wife gave birth to a daughter and an illegitimate daughter of the moon, there is a suspected illegitimate child, the mother Ms. Zi is outside the ring. Earlier there were photos of the media and Zhang Tielin suspected son. Today the sishengnv case)相关的主题文章:

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