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UnCategorized "I feel so lucky to have a job where the majority of what I do is to help people," says Justin Sachs, a 20-year-old entrepreneur. Justin started in the personal development industry at the age of 13 when he began attending Anthony Robbins (life coaching) seminars. It was there that he found his true passion in life: helping people. He started a non-profit organization, Peak Performance Lifestyles Foundation, at the age of 16, to help teenagers develop their leadership skills through local community service opportunities. After Peak Performance Lifestyles was underway, Justin wrote his first book, Your Mailbox is Full: Real Teens in the Real World-a guidebook giving teenagers every tool, strategy and principle they need for success in school and throughout life. The book talks about how we have so many different things bombarding us in life-"filling our personal mailbox"-that we need to figure out how to sort through it. Justin developed the Motivational Minds Radio Show to bring the greatest leaders in personal and business development to his listeners in a weekly online radio program geared at empowering the world with strategic optimism. "I believe that what I teach is different from what everyone else teaches because I give people a step-by-step guide on exactly what they need to do to become successful," Justin says. "It’s important to give them something concrete; in today’s society people need specifics to create their life dreams, and I help them get there." Capitalizing on his experience, Justin started Motivational Press, Inc.: a publishing and media company which published his book. "It all started because everywhere I looked around me, people were unaware of how to create success. No one was giving tools and strategies to help. I learned from the greatest leaders in the industry," Justin says. The young entrepreneur’s highly sought-after expertise in business comes from his experience with some of the world’s greatest experts in personal and business development. His clients have included life coaches Anthony Robbins and Mark Victor Hansen, and real estate investor and inspirational speaker J.T. Foxx among others. "Winning the Diller Teen Tikkun Olam Award was so fulfilling. Others agreed that my work was helping to fix the world, and there is no greater reward than that," he says. Each year, five teens from California are chosen as Diller Teen Tikkum Olam recipients and are awarded $36,000 each for demonstrating outstanding leadership and commitment to improving the world. The money can be used toward furthering their tikkun olam vision. Justin used the money to further his dream of helping others. "I believe that it is easier for teens to adapt these messages into their lives because teens are better equipped to handle it all. In reality, teens are at a more critical place in their lives, and are truly better able to handle the ever-changing economic climate." Justin travels the world coaching and training teenagers and young adults on how to become leaders in their own lives and how to create change in their communities. "People just do not know how to deal with let-downs anymore; when people are rejected they [accept] it instead of moving forward and persisting. Everyone needs to remember Thomas Edison and how persistent he was. The story goes, every time he made a mistake he would say, ‘this is just one more way how to NOT invent the light bulb.’ It is important to continue to move forward and that is what creates success." Justin’s last words of advice, "Nothing is ever a failure if you can learn from it. You can do anything you set your mind to-dream big!" About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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