Stress Management Programs 5 Reasons Why They Dont

UnCategorized Stress management programs are so fashionable these days that Trade Unions are even negotiating them into their labor contracts as happened recently for Bay Area Rapid Transit workers in San Francisco. But do they work? Mostly they don’t work very well, especially long term, and here are some reasons why. 1. Information alone does not produce change. Many stress management programs are packed with valuable information and lists of things to do to .bat stress. But after hearing about it most people go home to their lives and do the same things they’ve always done. Change has to .e from the inside out. Not the outside in. 2. One size does not fit all Programs that are designed for work groups are usually based on research of what things help .bat stress and what causes stress. Even so called "father" of stress management Hans Selye, had difficulty defining stress. Why? Becuase stress is different for different people. What may cause one person stress might cause another to laugh. 3. The fish smells from the head down. In organizations with a high stress culture, it usually .es from the top. Unless those in key postions of power support a different culture within the organization, it won’t matter how many stress management programs are run, nothing much will change. 4. Change requires support over time For most people change is difficult and requires professional support over a significant period of time. It is estimated it can take up to two years with ongoing support for us to significantly change our behaviour. The chances of that happening from attending a one-day seminar are extremely low. 5. An integrated approach is needed Effective stress management requires attention to our physical being as well as our emotions, our thoughts, and our view of our world. We also need to be empowered from within if we are going to make a positive difference in our lives over the long haul. An integrated approach provides body-mind experiences that allow the individual to be.e more aware and to generate the .mitment to act on that awareness well into the future. .anizations and individuals serious about reducing and managing stress might need to look beyond an easy fix. There are stress management programs out there that really do work but do your homework before spending time or money. All programs are not created equal. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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