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The sperm is "ugly", even the eggs are not happy with him – Sohu health although the sperm is very small, but each sperm is different. There are good, there is not good-looking, although I look the same. But as long as it is not normal, it can not be regarded as good-looking". Normal sperm and tadpoles is similar to that of a head, body and tail of three parts. Round head slightly flat, slender body, slender tail. There are many kinds of abnormal sperm, which may be abnormal head, and may be abnormal body, more likely to be abnormal in the three part. Even normal people, there will be a certain amount of abnormal sperm, not more than 20%. Normal range of sperm deformity, will not affect fertility. If the abnormal sperm in the body too much, it will affect fertility. Abnormal sperm will seriously affect the quality of semen, the impact of fertilization and fertility. The more abnormal sperm, the lower the chance of conception. To "long sperm well", and these factors will say: bye bye. Smoking, drinking alcohol and tobacco has always been a man’s love, also has been the first killer pregnancy preparation. The first thing that many families prepare pregnant, i.e.later alcohol and tobacco are going to quit. As can be imagined, for the deep hurt and sperm. Alcohol can directly damage the sperm, cause the sperm deformity, the final result is sterile or affect the development of children’s physical and mental treasure. Lack of nutrition in the preparation of pregnancy, we are more to consider the nutritional supplement of women, always forget the people around you also need to add nutrition. Nutrition comes from a variety of food, during pregnancy, men do not eat as much as possible, but also good to eat. Zinc, selenium and other trace elements are closely related to sperm development. Once lost, it is likely to result in reduced sperm production. The temperature is too high for some of the long-term wear tights, like hot water bath men, the temperature is too high will directly affect the development of sperm. The optimum temperature for sperm development is 35. Genital infection genital health is the foundation of pregnancy, but before this many men do not pay attention to the health problems of the genitals. Men are more common diseases, such as prostatitis, urethritis and other diseases, will affect the quality of sperm. If you want to have a "good" sperm, it is necessary to start from their own, the first look at the whole of their own, and I believe that sperm will be gradually more "good", do you think? Recommended reading: children can learn in kindergarten? As a parent you should know his "field force" to vent? There is a called "toss up milk" feel good, please like down down down相关的主题文章:

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