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South Korea coach shelling Sun Xingmin Poser admitted that the former two military failed – Sports   Sohu; Beijing on September 26th news, the South Korean coach Stielike attended the Seoul Football Hall of chongno held a press conference, announced in the 2018 Russia World Cup Asian zone 12 finals third, four matches of the national team players list. After the interview time, many media questions about the number one star Sun Xingmin. Stielike affirmed his core team in position at the same time, he also blasted, Ki and Li Qinglong and other 3 players should be pointed out as returnees attitude, against 12 strong matches to be modest and prudent attitude. Sun Xingmin is the first player at Spurs, he is 24 years old this year, worth 25 million euros, South Korea captain ki worth of 7 million 500 thousand euros, the team ranked second. But today they have been criticized Stielike: "Sun Xingmin’s game is very good now, in Tottenham’s getting better, whether in Tottenham or the national team, he played the role of a very large. However, there is also a problem in the field of competition, the need to improve the attitude of not inferior." Korean media pointed out that Stielike shelling Sun Xingmin Poser: the first is September 1st and A thing has its cause. China team in the first game in the second half forty-fourth minutes, he was substituted immediately to kick on the sidelines of the water way said the coach decided to protest. Reported that sun exposure is such a big move is not the first time. In Australia’s friendly with Spain in June 1st this year, he was benched after under the bench to get rid of a towel is also very noticeable. Stielike said, Sun Xingmin is not only outside the attitude to reflect, Swansea belongs to Crystal Palace, Ki Li Qinglong and others have their contradictions with manager. He to admonish: "sincere words and earnest wishes to represent Korea football players, so no wrong action against South Korea in the world of football position a little help." He bluntly returnees players can not compare with the domestic K league players cautious humility. In an interview today, Stielike said in 12 games before the Paibingbuzhen their existence of errors, such as no FC Seoul veteran Guo Taihui called into the national team: "you must enable the senior players like him as the backbone of the defense team, and in the spirit also played a huge role in stability." It is worth mentioning that the announcement of the new squad that many Korean fans satisfied, said: "this is the strongest rally South Korea’s team, full of confidence in the prospect of war after Qatar, Iran. (Mai Yuan)相关的主题文章:

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