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Insurance What is a health maintenance organization and what does it do? To get the whole picture you need to know that they were created originally during the 70’s because of a government mandate that said any business with a certain number of employees had to provide health care for their workers. It is a managed care health plan. The HMO plan consists of doctors, and medical places that have joined up to be a part of the system. They decide to go along with what regulations and rules that the HMO lays down. They do this because it gives them a great amount of guaranteed patients. Generally each person has to choose one doctor for their primary care provider. It can be any sort of doctor that you might have a particular need. For people that live with certain diseases an internist might be used as a primary care provider. This is the doctor that has to give you the thumbs up to go to any other specialist or get other care. The HMO has a lot of rules and your doctor will get looked at occasionally to see if he is treating people according to the guidelines. HMO plans are known for doing preventative care. They realize that if illnesses are caught early on then they are easier, and cheaper, to deal with. They will not approve any elective types of procedures though. You will find a big difference with open access HMO’s. They do cost more, and that is the first thing you will notice. They also allow you to go to specialists within the network of professionals without going through your primary care doctor first. Understandable the one thing that people like about HMO’s is the fact that it is the least expensive choice for the most part. The issue that disturbs people is that the guidelines that limit care. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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