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SEO I’m a shy and very boring person. I can say that, because that is good for my rankings in the search engines. Because I don’t try to be different than who I am, my personality is very clear, and that often makes that online surfers suddenly stop. These people stay longer on my pages, they might even decide it is worth the while to visit other pages in the same website. for more, at the same time, increases the so called Average Time-On-Site and the Average Page View. Those two elements are important for the search engines. They take them into account when deciding whether this Blog is worth the while to rank higher. Ooops, I’m sorry, I know I am supposed to put a question mark there. As in: "Is the Average Time-On-Site important for the search engines"? Nothing is ever certain in SEO world, but this has become pretty clear to me. That was ever since I started learning website design and, very proud, launched my very first self-made online travel guide. It most probably was the ugliest website ever. To say it was old fashioned and with a childish design is even a euphemism. But for some absolutely weird reason it was topping the search engines for some mighty competitive key words. It was a travel guide for Morocco. But it was also just an excercise in design. So what would I care about the content? Instead of summing up all the wonders of the country, I just filled all pages with my opinion on everything that was ugly or bad. So it took a very long time before it dawned on me why on earth this tiny guide would be ranking so high for key words such as "riad reservations" and "riad in marrakech" and so on. It was new! It was small! for visit then I saw that the average visitor staid like 5 minutes, visited 3, 4, 5, 10, up to 20 pages. Ever since then this has become my very first rule, before even thinking about the right design: what is the personality? The online world is increasingly uniform. Webmasters and marketeers alike often run after the same fashion of the moment, that one CMS that is hot right now, that one blog, that one trend in design. I take great care in not knowing to much about fashions. Because everybody follows them, and if I do that too, why would anyone stop the never ending clicking… on one of my pages? In this, a website is no different from a good book. It is between the reader and the writer, as in a very good conversation between two people. Also online visitors spot a personality when they see one. They will trust that voice in your website. Have enough confidence to know that they can visit other pages and will not be disappointed. And both your Time-On-Site and Average Page View will be grateful. Give your SEO strategy a very solid foundation. Have personality first. About the Author: – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章:

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