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Shopping-and-Product-Reviews Looking for top of the line kitchen knives, but not sure what you should buy? Of course, going to your local retail store does not allow for you to feel how sharp the blade is or to evaluate the knives through the plastic packaging. You may then decide to wend your way to the local foodie boutique to examine their knife inventory. At this type of store, you are likely to encounter a dizzying, not to mention expensive, array of brands and types of knives. You’re certain to see knives–sold both in blocks and individually–for slicing, boning, and paring, not to mention those favored by professional chefs. Before you know it, your head may be spinning. You can easily find a high quality knife strong enough to last a lifetime by visiting your local gourmet shop and browsing through the selection they have available. You can find high quality in several of the brands that are readily available. Price points are generally based on the way each brand is manufactured as well as the grade of steel used in the knives. Find out whether the knife has been forged individually or whether it was stamped out of a sheet of metal. Does the knife blade have a wavy pattern which indicates a sophisticated forging process that involves folding the molten steel back on itself repeatedly? Steel forged in this way is referred to as Damascus style. There are quite a few Japanese style knives with eight-sided ("Dee") handles and tips that are blunt rather than pointed. Knives like these have may have names that are unfamiliar to you, including: Usuba, Yanagi, Santoku, or Guyoto. A home, all those fancy knives are unnecessary to have in your kitchen. For cooking at home, you would primarily use a 6 or 8 inch chef’s knife to prepare the ingredients for your meals. A paring knife or a utility knife are the only ones you’d need for simple things like slicing a tomato for sandwiches or cutting an apple for your kid’s lunch. Of course, if you are a fisherman or you like to cut your own meat, you would want to have a boning knife or fillet knife. With the addition of some steak knives and a serrated knife to slice bread properly, you would have a .plete set of at-home knives. If you feel like splurging, you can’t go wrong with a beautiful turkey slicer–.plete with diamond coated honing steel, of course–just perfect for carving the bird and impressing the Thanksgiving guests. There are excellent blades to be had for any cutting task in your kitchen, and the knives listed here will get you off to a great start. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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