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Careers-Employment With the growth of social media, there is nothing that people can not do on the Internet. Social media has be.e immensely popular that people make use of them in almost any purpose, such as recruitment. The recruiting industry was given a greater means of reaching a great number of qualified and desirable candidates through the social media. Since many people are engaged in a lot of social networking sites, recruitment professionals can now easily advertise and recruit desirable candidates without spending too much time and effort in the process. Talent sourcing professionals have made use of social media in recruitment purposes since 2008, the time when social networking sites gathered popularity. Since then, the posting of job opportunities, new openings or even a new Public relation tactics has been widely accepted in most social networking sites, making the recruitment process a lot more effective, as the job advertisements were proven to gather much attention in these social networking sites. A few years back, when the hiring industry performed their recruitment processes through the traditional mediums, a lot of time, money and effort were consumed before any positive feedback was achieved. Not only that, the effort they took to perform certain tasks such as job assignments, increasing retention, or inducing employer brand was very overwhelming that time and money were also spent greatly. What happened a few years back is very different to the present situation. Now, hiring professionals can even get free advertising of the job opportunities they have through social networking sites. They now make use of their marketing and PR strategies, as well as time and money, in having their presence felt in the most notable and popular social networking sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. They have now grown accustomed to making use of social media in talent attraction. The following are tips for amateurs who are still unsure on how to make use of social media as a sourcing tool: 1)Choose networking sites where professionals like you might hang out Try to look for the most .mon sites where people who have the same goals and visions like you most likely hang out. The LinkedIn networking site is one of the most .monly visited site where people of specific abilities and qualifications hang out. Such networking site is also one of those that are frequently visited by many hiring professionals who are looking for desirable people who may be fit for their job vacancies. 2)Be familiar with Twitter Since the time Twitter became popular, it has been a haven for most talent attraction professionals in their social recruitment processes. Gathering a lot of followers in your Twitter account can prove to be helpful since any posts you make can be seen by your followers. Twitter has also been the choice of many professionals in .municating with their clients and followers, making it a powerful tool for advertisement and recruitment. 3)Tap the power of Facebook for recruiting Facebook is currently judged as the most popular social networking site, making it a more suitable medium of advertising and recruitment. Facebook now offers the choice to advertise your .pany or any brand of items to millions of Facebook users worldwide for a cheap price. Aside from this, any posts on your wall can be seen by all of your online friends, so reaching out a wide range of target people can be achieved, making social media a useful endeavor. Indeed, social media has performed a very important role in the HR industry. Recruiting professionals can no longer say that social media can not add value to their hiring processes, because, so far, since the time social .working sites were introduced, the hiring industry has been one of the many industries that has taken advantage of social .working sites, and got many benefits from them in return. It is only a matter of determining the efficient ways of how talent acquisition manages can make the most of social media. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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