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"Smiled very little" help Youku ranked app download – top entertainment Sohu in all kinds of magic, the Republic of China’s knot in the summer, Youku whole network independent radio "smiled very little" by Yan and Su love story against the split screen before the girl heart, by licking the screen potential, premiere four not only the day playback volume exceeded 1 billion 500 million, more power APP Youku APP Store free download list first, Top3 become the only one video APP, a drama queen blessing style. The couple love story with nice clean Yan value original Gu diffuse novel’s high popularity, Zheng Shuang and Yang Yang led the youth high yen value cast and has created the "flower and bone", "Legend of Sword and Fairy 3" and other classic hit drama director Lin Yufen team, many matrix top elements make the TV drama "slightly a smile very little" did not broadcast the first heat. "I have not been so caught up a domestic drama, from the plot to the acting impeccable." In the fantasy drama and drama tomb together during the summer, Youku whole network independent radio "smiled very little" won the audience’s sought after licking the screen. From the original author Gu diffuse Pro screenwriter adaptation, all of the original fans relish the classic plot are intact, through sound and picture show, has reached 200% of the reconstruction results. Not only the latest update of the eighth set, Xiao Nai and shellfish in slightly crazy challenge, take the happy couple flying in between heaven and earth will be more perfect reconstruction of the original classic fragment. And a "classic scenes is unfaithful to husband" caused by ultra high broadcast on Youku, Zheng Shuang (Tony slightly) turned around and asked Yang Yang (Xiao Nai): "if I was unfaithful to husband, you don’t mind?" "Don’t mind", Xiao Nai answered casually. Later, he added: "at the very least, when you come out of the wall, I move an inch of the wall, and you move a foot." Yang Yang love deeply, captured the hearts of thousands of girls. The idea of the campus drama era is the most realistic return love youth "smiled very Qingcheng" since August 22nd in the whole network exclusive launch Youku, a screen at. On line 24 hours playback volume exceeded 500 million; launched 60 hours playback volume over 1 billion, the deadline to broadcast third days, the show has exceeded 1 billion 500 million player, the new play exceeded 350 million. The hot degree is far surpassing the same drama, Youku APP for two days App Store free list first position. This opened higher ratings, the university campus life and the realistic love is not unrelated to height reduction. The scene of the university life, but also to the audience that resonate. For example, secretly in the dorm room cook instant noodles, crush a bedroom, in which boys jiaocao anthomaniac are pretty girls to discuss the life of college students and ordinary high degree of coincidence. Xiao Nai in the boys’ dormitory and monkey wine, Mozart dialogue wit, he is a man, college life and feeling. The shell is tiny and her roommates also show a warm sense of Meng girl. As the "caused no small repercussions for youth", "Zhu Xian", "city of fantasy" and a series of drama, Youku also seize the successful case of the taste of the user, as a leading video platform, Youku will no doubt highlight the unique vision. The whole network.相关的主题文章:

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