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Skinny or warm? The survival implications a private theater Sohu culture channel Penghao theater founder Wang Xiang Beijing Nanluogu Lane corner, along the wall of a Zhang Shaoxian old drama posters into a dongmianhua alley, named "Basil" folk theatre, Central Academy of Drama and only separated by a wall. Narrow alley, small theater, no screen on stage, plus the audience but the size of a classroom. In the heart of a drama wonderful world, creating the ideal Penghao theater founder Wang Xiang in a drama in their minds "". He is against the "folk theatre declare in no uncertain terms of commercial law". Over the past eight years, he has more than 5 million individual subsidies theater. To keep theaters in a few days, the courtyard of the theaters get real property right certificate, in October 30th Wang Xiang led the first "for the nation, in order to preserve basil, descendants of the public to raise the project, the target is 2 million. As of November 12th, has raised nearly 600 thousand financial support. The boundary of the evening of November 5th, French mime master Philip? "40 years" ended than the silent world show staged in theaters. Penghao theater is very small, five rows of seats in the theatre, most can only accommodate 86 spectators. This is a mime performances, not an empty seat. As the English Penghao theater "Theatre Without Borders" translation, no boundary between the audience and the stage, the first row of the audience could reach out and touch the actors on the stage. During the performance, actor Bizot in the audience interaction, sitting directly on the first row of the audience, the audience will also be included in the performance of the story. "Let more domestic audience to feel the warmth and spiritual life in theaters is an important source of Penghao theater founder Wang Xiang gain a sense of achievement. He is willing to communicate with the audience. At the end of the performance, he will also and "edge" audience talk, chat fun will invite them to sit down and drink tea on small talk, gave the drama festival book they will leave; after the end of the show, he will communicate with the drama creators, hope he can leave some of the interaction with the audience the time has not yet left the audience and called actors and actresses. Covers an area of four hundred square meters of theaters in addition to the theater, cafe and library is also within the scope of Penghao theater. It was suggested that Wang Xiang will be appropriate to expand the size of the theater, increasing the number of seats, to some extent, increase the box office revenue. The proposal was strongly opposed by Wang Xiang. "No need not," he believes that only small theater staged in 100 following the works of art is "true, interesting and meaningful" art, this small theater close performance can not tolerate any "lies and false". Wang Xiang never denied that he was a complete idealist. Penghao theater annual box office revenue only 4489. Coupled with the annual operating costs of the team, drama production costs, space maintenance costs, a loss of about one million and four hundred thousand per year. Penghao theater 8 year of operation, the rent rose by three times, but did not change much at the box office. The box office is almost the only income of theaters, each drama tickets 150 yuan, 70 yuan student tickets four相关的主题文章:

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