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Sino Japanese relationship spark a conflict accidentally will collapse the two sides should stick to the red line – Sohu – Tokyo Military Channel Beijing forum held in Tokyo on 27, officials said a lot of support for the relations between the two countries, the rounders at the opening ceremony, the two elite in the 5 sub forums in-depth communication, actively looking for the Sino Japanese relations "to remedy pick up". These efforts should be said to bring together the goodwill of the two sides, but in fact the day of this attempt has not been interrupted. However, Sino Japanese relations are now very bad, and the next trend is not optimistic. The two countries had actually been in a "cold peace", we should try to prevent the relationship between the two sides is a pressing matter of the moment to the cold war. China and Japan have been in full diplomatic competition, mutual public attack, the other side described as a negative role. Japan is now on the other side of the "friendly countries" list ranked in the first place, two people are negative feelings more and more strong, gradually become more. So far, China and Japan have not yet formed a comprehensive military tension, but the two countries are showing more and more depending on each other as a hypothetical enemy trend. The two sides gradually adapt to the side friction near the Diaoyu Islands, on the other hand, the ship machine occurred worry frequently spark a conflict accidentally into public discussion. In the event of a military conflict between China and Japan, the two countries seem to be preparing for social psychology. The tension in the relationship between China and the United States has increased over the years, but its evolution is gradual and there are still many uncertainties. What has really changed in recent years is the Sino Japanese relationship, which is different from the past and is highly uncertain in the future. In these years, accumulated a lot of grievances, the grievances may lead to both sides in a short time have become very impulsive, and out of control of crisis management. Calm analysis, the relationship between China and Japan times have changed, the two sides now and there is no need to fight to a fundamental contradiction. The problem is a significant part of the Diaoyu Islands Dispute, is probably the most disparate conflicts in today’s world scale and substantial controversy attracted into force. The size of the territorial dispute between China and India is much larger, but the two sides can cool the problem and minimize the negative impact on bilateral relations. One of the fierce battle of the Diaoyu Islands, it has long been far from just territorial dispute on a glance. Sino Japanese geopolitical contest to a large extent deformation, which is the main reason for Japan’s psychological distortions. There is still a large number of U.S. troops stationed in Japan, the sovereignty of a certain incomplete, in the past its impressive economic achievements of this situation is a comfort. Now that it has suffered a "lost 20 years" in the economy, confidence has been broken. It can be said that Japan has fallen into an unprecedented confusion, facing a lot of strategic ideas and illusions. The two neighbors bogged down a narrow strip of water, this is not an ordinary geopolitical impasse, a large number of historical grievances and memories to the conflict between the two countries the gap between the bristle, even if the dispute between the moment are not what leeway, but no retreat. We need time to resolve the impasse, the time in addition to dilution effect, but also bring some unexpected changes in the external environment today may eventually appear dense willow trees and bright flowers. To this end, China and Japan need to do at least the following.相关的主题文章:

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