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Sichuan a tree scraper, red purple? The truth is that… – Sohu (the WeChat tourism public number Chengdu tour around ID:cdzhoubian, welcomed the attention ~ ~) recently excluded brother’s circle of friends was a tree scraper? Red purple powder? The truth is that… In the tree. This is the "tree scraper circle of friends". Sure you will question: This is certainly P, the leaves can not be pink, a look is crooked. With doubt, brother Huo went to inquire into the truth, actually… "In the red color forest network" online crazy pass "tree", is really in our Sichuan blackwater. Itself is so red, but the spread of the Internet is a bit over the map. Next, keep your eyes open, these pure natural "pollution" of beauty, is about to turn your beauty! (@ jeje on October 22nd) of this tree is actually really like this. No pressure to become the color of the first "red"". Although the leaves no red powder blue, but even more amazing. See a moment of it, there is a hot feeling blowing. The weather is, in the light of the sun, the leaves more gorgeous. Another angle still cry. Don’t worry about photography is not good, 360° no dead beauty, Lang shot. Standing on the top of the hill overlooking the beautiful rivers and mountains of a country even if the background is, wanshanhongbian, cenglinjinran Cai Lin, also does not take this one the most bright red. (@ jeje in October 22nd) in the trees with a poss, more beautiful than scenery. This is the deepest memory of autumn. (@ jeje on October 22nd) not far from the "tree", is a good viewing platform. It’s easy to find. The scenery is quite comfortable. (@ jeje in October 22nd) there are mountains mountains, there are mountains. At 3500 meters above sea level, there are households, each may be up and down the mountain is a test. You don’t have to exercise heavily here. (@ jeje on October 22nd) and summer autumn grass, grassland is rough, the eagle fly over the mountain from time to time, there is a gray day, the vast field of the heroic. (@ jeje in October 22nd) at noon, the sun and the moon together can see the scenery of Kazakhstan, is also a little magic. (@ jeje on October 22nd) if you don’t take a trip out with X photos, there are sub? Ha ha, the relationship between man and nature, harmony. (@ jeje on October 22nd) the most is the viewing platform currently is not Doha. Certainly, the color forest all over the mountains and plains in your eyes. Stunning the whole autumn. Choi Lin paradise breast ditch (@ wang teacher in October)相关的主题文章:

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