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Shopping Rammstein elegant French inventory – Sohu Sohu [car trot car] French figure club with romantic world, build their bloodline and cynical and successful French culture, with the future style, advance awareness of the car, breaking the traditional French embodies the harmony and not sticking to formalities. In the history of automobile development, the French have their own unique status. The overall characteristics of the French car is a small body and novel design, in line with the direction of the popular, so in Western Europe to become a popular family car. But in the field of luxury cars, sports cars, the French car company is not as good as the United States, Germany, Japan and other countries of the automobile company, which became the French car industry regret. Bugatti supercar Bugatti is one of France’s most distinctive vehicle factory. Bugatti to produce the world’s best and fastest car is well known in the world. The most primitive Bujiadi brand has disappeared after the second world war. However, after the war, the brand has twice ZTE, it is now a Volkswagen Group’s brand. Peugeot is one of the oldest automobile manufacturers in europe. But making cars is not the whole history of beauty. Peugeot was involved in many fields such as manufacturing industry, hardware tools, household utensils, panniers, telescope, eyeglasses, spring blades, surgical instruments, shotguns, radios, sewing machines, this is not the only one. Before the advent of the automobile era, the production of Peugeot bicycles, motorcycles and transport vehicles was once quite large. After all, Peugeot has the history can be traced back to fifteenth Century, Peugeot motorcycle is one of Europe’s four largest motorcycle manufacturer. Peugeot RCZ Peugeot car is the first to replace the number of letters to the name of the model. RCZ is short for Championship Racing and Z performance car combination, the models are named on the show performance of strong color, emphasizing the vehicle itself strong coupe style. 308CC is the Peugeot in 2008 launched a new four seater hardtop convertible sedan, is the world’s one of the few compact sedan hardtop convertible. Renault wind Lang this intermediate car is also a change in the design of the full personality of Renault, the wind long car is so far in the Renault model of the design of the most normal one. Sunny appearance is also largely "deviant", abandoning the traditional modeling elements of many offbeat Reynolds, in favor of the pursuit of a more smooth, elegant, and even some design style preference of the atmosphere. The "eye" at the front headlights, a smooth Yaoxian car through lateral extension, until the luggage compartment along the lines, and taillights together, this line makes the car look lively and dynamic fashion. Citroen Citroen C5 Citroen C5 Dongfeng Citroen is an important step to return the value of high-end brands. As a senior in the car 09 years most anticipated, C5 since listing, the way has won "best car" awards, deliver the goods C5 firm with Dongfeng Citroen high-end brand value of the pace of return. DS 1955, DS at the Paris Motor Show debut on the design and technical innovation.相关的主题文章:

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