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Shock! The head knock a package, 3 year old boy died suddenly second days! Sohu – maternal child instinct is active knock on all the thing the child’s head knock a pack a lot of parents seriously think this little hurt a few days in the "little things" may take away the child’s life! Children knock a package second days on the 3 year old boy died suddenly coma Lele home Henan Yexian County Tian Zhuang Xiang, is a pair of twin boys. September 21st morning 11 am, the family found Lele forehead do not know when to knock a blood bag, because the child can not cry no trouble, still playing, the family did not care. In September 22nd, his family sent to Lele kindergarten, found the child left leg weakness, walk a bit lame, thought that the child ran tired, let the child rest at home. 6 o’clock that night, Lele suddenly fell to the ground unconscious. Family emergency will be sent to a local hospital in Yexian County, the head CT examination showed that the right side of the child the top of the temporal subdural hematoma, intracranial hemorrhage. Night 10 pm, Lele was transferred to the city hospital, the doctor checks the child bilateral pupil has spread, although weak breathing, but to stimulate the body has no reaction. After the hospital experts have seen the brain that has missed the timing of surgery. Rescue in the ICU ward until 5 am, Lele finally declared incurable. After the doctor explained that the family to see the child can not cry no trouble I can play, I felt nothing, sometimes have this potential risk, may be just a knock when nothing, but later intracranial chronic bleeding or bleeding. If the parents found abnormal timely hospital, children may also be saved. After the packet head collision girl small hematoma knead big lump and some parents and children on the head, unconsciously rub, in fact it is not correct, the wound properly, but also let the children suffer more pain. 4 year old Lili accidentally hit the corner of the table at home, his forehead suddenly played a big bag, a touch on the pain. Mother quickly to help her rub, thought that can be a little faster, I did not expect to rub the bag becomes bigger and harder. To the hospital, Lili was diagnosed with hematoma, was a small hematoma, vascular contraction in the blood coagulation after rubbing, can not absorb, formed a large mass and hard. And it will take her a week to heal, but it will take at least a month to recover. If the mass can head wound treatment 1, if there is mass, avoid rubbing and hot compress. Because the hit out of the package is due to capillary rupture, accelerate blood circulation and the formation of lumps, massage and hot compress will lead to hematoma enlargement. 2, masses can immediately use cold processing method. Cold can promote local vasoconstriction, reduce congestion and swelling but also affected the pain effect, do not directly take the ice deposited on the skin. 3, if there is a slight bleeding and broken skin with the masses, first clean the wound, and then paste the aseptic aid, stop bleeding and then cold. 4, the emergence of a large wound, can be sterilized gauze, clean diapers, towels or your fingers firmly hold the wound to prevent bleeding. If the situation is serious, you need to press until the ambulance arrives相关的主题文章:

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