Shenzhen police response to see light punishment is not mandatory voluntary (video) ca1290

Shenzhen police response to "see light punishment": it is not mandatory to see light punishment voluntarily "willful punishment or reasonable education? The experiential law enforcement controversial Shenzhen remediation indiscriminate beam violation lights a minute [see] more Beijing News (reporter Wang Mengyao) the evening of November 1st, Shenzhen police launched indiscriminate beam special rectification action, proposed a "car checked mainly take the green chair beam experience special chair", and asked to see the high beam light a minute. This caused a national concern, some netizens believe that one minute is too short, there are doubts about whether this practice compliance compliance. Shenzhen police responded yesterday that this is experiential law enforcement, a means of education, and voluntary rather than mandatory. The official said the move is to experience the non compulsory for the renovation of indiscriminate beam approach, the reporter from the Shenzhen Traffic Police Bureau, which is similar to the drunk driving campaign has been, is now trying to do special action through the experience in the form of a week to carry out at least once and gradually formed a normal, remediation of indiscriminate beam light action continue. Shenzhen City Traffic Police Bureau Propaganda Department staff Liu Ming told reporters, on the oral one minute presentation experience, "in fact there is no field experience Qiazhao table is not mandatory, is purely to experience, mainly to make the driver aware of Kaiyuan light is not good, my experience on the line." For the driver experience after the reaction, Liu Ming said, the driver checked the first reaction is to feel a bit strange, "how to get off?" But let them sit on the stool when asked him, many people feel shy, because they clearly feel the indiscriminate beam is not good. Daily economic news reporter noted that the Shenzhen traffic police remediation action also conducted a live webcast, video live up to 98 minutes. Live video display, after the owners have said they checked and paid no attention to open the high beam light. Two hour penalty 932 driver Liu Ming told reporters that 1 days of remediation activities carried out a total of two hours, time is 8 to 10 o’clock in the evening, the city has set up 100 control point, each control point equipped with 3 to 4 police officers, statistics show that the total penalties of 932 chaotic light the driver. Liu Ming also reminded, using light in road lighting conditions were very poor, in the city night lighting can not use the high beam light conditions, so as to avoid the dangerous driving. For the Shenzhen city traffic police "experiential" punishment indiscriminate beam behavior, associate professor Wang Xu of the Renmin University of China School of law, the relevant laws and regulations, and no provisions of the traffic police can take the "open high beam" this type of punishment, "but the Shenzhen police have said this is not mandatory but a behavior education, punishment law also the provisions of the administrative punishment shall be punished and education combined, so in this sense there are some legal basis." But at the same time, Wang Xu also said that from the administrative act of speaking, the form of education also need to grasp, "education in many ways, such a possible damage to the body or let the body adverse reaction way is appropriate, whether beyond a certain limit, the suspect is still very large, or inappropriate local content." (Beijing News)相关的主题文章:

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