Shenzhen Metro man molesting female passengers were called after wounding brandished a knife – Sohu nrf905

Shenzhen Metro man molesting female passengers after being scolded Jo News – Sohu brandished a knife wounding escape in the preparation, was rushed to the police was arrested. Recently, the Shenzhen Municipal People’s Procuratorate on suspicion of affray crime, decided to approve the arrest the suspect jo. Why not "forced indecency"? According to the procuratorate, while jo in the car more than female passengers to take out the spanking indecent, but the victim or escape, or cursed be off, and not afraid to fight against, or not to rebel, Jo did not resort to violence, coercion or other coercive measures for the victims. Even later in Cao stabbing behavior, but this time the indecency has terminated, according to the injury behavior is not obscene, but other passengers. Therefore, Cao’s indecency, can not constitute a compulsory indecency, can only be punished by public security management. Disturb the crime, what is a ghost? It is difficult to become an act of CaO on the criminal law? No! Because of the "criminal law" article 293rd, of provocations, random beatings, harassment or stir trouble in public places, serious damage to social order, also provides a "crime of affray". It must be noted that the so-called "free", the beatings, harassment must be in "the people", such as in the case of Jo holding a knife swing, two passengers on board the thorn into minor injuries, and assaulted the other passengers, passengers are not specific for that car. If in a clear Cao beaten and hurt object, suspected of crimes will not disturb the crime, resulting in minor circumstances may constitute the crime of intentional injury. Recently, the Shenzhen Metro Line 7, line 9, more and more people choose to travel by subway once encountered satyr, how to prevent? Place of crime: during the peak period, such as commuting, in a small space to accommodate a large number of people. During this period, there will inevitably be physical contact. Modus operandi: 1, touch sensitive parts of the victim: criminals disguised as ordinary passengers, inadvertently close to the victim. Take a more intimate way, sensitive parts of the hand to the victim’s body, rubbing or kneading. The use of the victim shy afraid of psychology, wanton and. 2, with the sexual organs of the victim’s body: friction offenders in a crowded space, the environment to close to the victim. Then your body will be close to the active organ, out from the seams after contact friction the victim’s body, in order to achieve their own purposes.相关的主题文章:

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