Sheng Wenbing gold stocks are expected to increase interest rates fell by $head to smile

Sheng Wenbing: gold stocks are expected to increase interest rates fell by $head to smile Sina exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! [list] market review and the fundamentals of the dollar index yesterday in the half line support, out of a strong upside Changyang line to 95.55 line. The US dollar retracement after the Bulls 120 lines in the area of layout and market hunters, is expected to raise interest rates is also in constant flux. Finishing in the dollar yesterday days the Asian plate narrow sideways. 1 hours to climb along 60 lines alternating between negative and positive, weak digestion, short pressure, ready to continue the matching period in Europe after 4 hours of line MA120 began relying on the upside, but long relay will, upside to the 95.32 line, the pressure in the 4 hours of the downward trend line, once again retreated, dip after the completion of the U.S. set period strong again. 4 hours of strong upside to close out the 7 with Yang, a new high of 95.67 to the first line. After the short-term upward, not out of the consolidation pattern, today to the operating range of high altitude and low residue, low back to consider more. U.S. August government budget of $-1071 billion, is expected to -1070 billion U.S. dollars, the former value of $-644 billion. U.S. August NFIB SME Optimism Index 94.4, expected to be $94.8, the former value of 94.6. Lagarde, President of IMF: global economic growth is too low for too long, in 2016 for fifth consecutive years, a record GDP growth of less than 3.7%. The need for fiscal policy to play a more important role in supporting demand. In support of demand, central banks in recent years have completed a difficult task. Euro zone countries can increase productivity by speeding up structural reforms. U.S. Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew: U.S. labor market is still strong, wage growth improved. Investment is a weakness of the global economy. Lack of confidence in the global economy. The world has accepted the idea of using all policy instruments to boost economic growth. Former Fed governor Warsh: if the Fed preference rate hike in December, you need to release a clear signal. The Fed has become a slave to market expectations. The Fed’s expected error shows that the model has some problems. The Fed must improve its understanding of the economy. Gold rebounded yesterday once again fell continuously upside resistance received in Yinxian fell to 1318 line, fell 1330 mark, once again dip 4 hours low area. In yesterday’s Asian session gold bottomed out after the return of 1325 above, stand on the 60 line after 4 hours, 1 hours after the rise of the weak, the upside is limited, the pressure in the afternoon 1 hours MA60 repression, not directly break 1333 line restriction, Chonggao retracement, open again a downward dip process, followed by 1 hours of continuous dropping, the breakdown of the 1 hours after the MA30 officially started down. Then 1 hour cycle Lianyin gradually fell, U.S. short-term periods of 1 hours to accelerate the breakdown of the 1320 line. Support the new low to 1315 line, 4 hours to keep on a downward trend相关的主题文章:

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