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She had her chest! In the neon chest beauty queen turned out to be a big sister? Pageant everyone has been flattering, bright disc from abroad would come along the "Miss Universe" to explore a lot of talents for the entertainment of the "miss Hongkong", and then to the Chinese television’s "CCTV model contest", each pageant will become many straight after dinner talk about… But have you ever seen a beauty pageant? Anyway, brother jar is never seen (tanshou.Jpg) is really what birds have, yaoezi more wings up also make people drunk drunk. Speaking to the chest beauty, but also give people disguised beauty, and can come up with and hold that people like (BU) Wen Le (ren) (Zhi) (SHI) to see the game, only the industry developed country of neon. Under the curtain has fallen on the 2016 "held in Tokyo some time ago, beauty pageant winner is a 95 cm impressive bust of Nakaoka Ryuko. She was only 22 years old with her own F cup, the white rabbit, beat the same period competitors, won the big chest crown"… But the champion’s face… It is really a bit to knock chen. My 2006 wash cut blow molding, with a comparable to Chen Yao’s mouth, feeling it a second people sucked into going… But since others can win, of course, have their own capital. (OK, your chest you talk, I shut up the game chest ego) Japanese magazine "BIOPPAI" organized by the selection criteria in addition to the chest shape, the overall proportion will also touch, etc. included in the score, the purpose is to break the "chest is pornographic" stereotypes, to treat women with a purely aesthetic point the chest. The game is divided into "artist group" and "amateur group", the contestants will wear a swimsuit or underwear photos sent to the organizers, and then through a written review and two interviews, the final selection of 6 people into the finals. Look at the winners of the photographs. The jar brother saw that in addition to the championship, and several other stars hit the face feeling. Not to mention the second, is not a bit like Hsu Chi, a bit like Li Xiaolu? Besides fourth, laugh really kind of Lan Xi feeling. Don’t know Lan Xi, jar brother give you science, she is the "The Legend of Zhen Huan" in the role of the Shen meizhuang. Our group finalists Luna artists group finalists North Michelle won the special prize, named the girl in the photo and the cocoon, the only sense of violation is probably our champion… But the jar brother has been in the comfort of their own, this is not a full look at the face of the world, we also want to see the occasional chest! But the jar brother watched the champions sister hit Instagram, was popping the face, a woman would become two people please! This pure with a little temptation… Don’t say, brother jars looking for toilet paper to wipe nosebleed. 2016 of Vitoria’s Secret lingerie show December 6th hot hits! Sexy supermodel beautiful wings are inserted, Tencent invites you to watch the 2016 sexiest visual feast here: 3 minutes: the lower leg guards supermodel envy? You can also "brush" out!相关的主题文章:

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