Shanghai share refrigerator running in January donated food safety supervision to be cited (video) havd707

Shanghai share refrigerator running in January donated food safety supervision to be cited in September 28th, Shanghai’s first "share the refrigerator" appeared in the doorway of a hotel near Xikang Lu Changshou Road; in October 9th, Shanghai Putuo District longevity street in puxiong Xinyuan District Elderly activity room placed "share refrigerator". Since the end of September, the birth of a month "share refrigerator" sustained social concern. Surging news (reporter) recently continued to follow the sharing of refrigerators in Shanghai pilot and development. In October 24th, the reporter again visited the establishment of "two pilot units share the refrigerator", found the project to form a virtuous cycle: now to receive food declined, even food surplus situation; on the other hand, the project caused the whole society of "love", many units and individuals to the two the proposed donation unit. And in the last month of the pilot, there have been some new problems, such as how to control the types of donated food, food safety issues, such as how to monitor. For food "heat" cooling, donation increased at 11:30 on October 24th, Xikang Road Changshou Road the hotel at the entrance of the "shared Fridge" attracted many passers-by, but not many people actually receive food. From the same day at 11 noon in the refrigerator full of food, half an hour later, there are still more than 20 copies, most of which are small packaging moon cake. And half a month ago, the reporter came to this interview, food for half an hour or so was taken out. At the same time, running half a month later, Putuo District longevity street puxiong Xinyuan District Elderly activity room set up "share the refrigerator" also "cool", according to the residential neighborhood Secretary Zhang Jing introduced, at present, to receive fewer people, sometimes there is a surplus of food, every day. The community volunteer inventory and registration before the validity period the food will be placed into the next day. The restaurant owner Mr. Yang said that the operation of the past 1 months, has not seen within half an hour of food "looting empty", also see "a man with more than one", even if some people have to take the will, will also consult the clerk, the clerk of the meaning of a project or, by discouraging, everyone will understand that. For earlier media and social question on "sound sharing refrigerator", Mr Yang said, "at first, even my family do not understand, that is in the name of charity will be approaching the shelf life of food donations, but I told them near the shelf life is not expired food, can not be wasted, they slowly come to accept the idea the." Let Mr. Yang was surprised and touched by the sharing of the refrigerator is more and more to attract the community caring people and businesses to donate food. This is two days to donate food especially, yesterday (23 days) have a travel to Shanghai Shenyang boys night after seeing reports came here, in the vicinity of the hotel to buy 20 copies and more than and 20 copies of Fried rice with egg bread to the store, share to the needy. There are people not only brought the food, also sent hand sanitizer, knives, chopping boards, chopsticks, some customers in more than 2 points to pay after the meal, let the clerk pack in the fridge, offered to share with others, others to the store of this project is still in need of help……" 12:15, the same day.相关的主题文章:

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