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Shanghai first to explore a new model of Internet online medical referral medical treatment is difficult to crack Shanghai first to explore a new model of internet medical outpatients a day up to 13 thousand people’s Hospital in Huashan, may have gradually changed "queuing day 3 minutes treatment, the waiting room at the sea of people trendsetter? Internet online medical may be a way to break through. Yesterday, the fourteenth annual meeting of the National Association of emergency management in China held in Shanghai. Reporters learned from the meeting, Shanghai is the first to explore a new model of internet medical, this year launched an online accurate follow-up appointment and triage doctor online, and plans to gradually expand the scope of the pilot. The number of medical treatment continued to rise according to the State Health Planning Commission bulletin data show that in 2015, the national medical and health institutions total visits reached 7 billion 700 million passengers, an increase of 100 million passengers, an increase of 1.3%, 2015 residents to medical institutions the average attendance 5.6 times. Among them, the problems were "large hospital three long and one short" is particularly prominent: Registration queues and visits queues and payment queues, a short time. Huashan hospital is a well-known hospital outpatient volume of up to 13 thousand people, in the Department of Dermatology, Department of Neurosurgery, hand surgery and other brand department, patients not linked to the number of experts, registered after queued for hours the situation is quite prominent. 60% of the patients "not suitable" Huashan hospital outpatient office director Wang Bing told reporters, in order to change this situation, the hospital is trying to introduce "Internet plus" concept, become the first cooperative medical institutions "micro medical group Wuzhen Internet online referral hospital". It is reported that the "online referral system with accurate reservation way, with login micro medicine selection of hospital departments, the system will automatically inquire about disease inspection report after patients, followed by micro medical assistance for big data analysis, more accurate match conditions and expert. "A lot of patients, but 60% is not symptomatic." Wuzhen Internet hospital Zhang Qunhua said, many experts have encountered a similar situation, in the difficult and expert behind this contradiction is difficult, "find the patient" is a great distress to the hospital. Zhang Qunhua said that from 2010 onwards, micro medicine began to explore the process optimization of medical treatment in the hospital, providing appointment registration, waiting outside the hospital, clinic pay convenient medical service for patients. As of now, micro medicine has covered 27 provinces, and the realization of the information system of more than 1 thousand and 900 major hospitals with more than 117 million experts with real name authentication patients and 220 thousand key hospitals, a total of more than 800 million people service. At present, the "online consultation" is still in the testing phase, the next will expand the scope of the pilot in more domestic hospitals. Community referral first "Internet" on the other hand, ease the patient is too concentrated, the Internet is also trying to "hospital triage online". Changhai Hospital outpatient office director Yang Hua said, they are combined to create the whole team for micro medical grade clinic referral platform". Yangpu District community family physician team captain joined the micro medical platform on the three hospital expert group to share the workload of the expert group of doctors online triage, community referral to the patient group of experts. Three fault相关的主题文章:

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