Shanghai, Changning, a single mother died at home filial son was controlled by the police

Shanghai, Changning, a single mother died at home " filial " son was controlled by the police. The latest reports] last night (17 days), the case of Changning District Songhong road Xin Lan district. A more than and 50 year old aunt at home in Shanghai accident, sent to the hospital after the death. Subsequently, the police controlled the son of the aunt of Shanghai. Xinmin Xinmin Evening News reporter learned today from the Changning police, the address of a criminal case, the case is under investigation. Reporters came to the area today found that the house has been sealed, the aisle can also see the police investigation over the use of shoes and rubber gloves. It is reported that this family lived in a pair of mother and son, his father died in the early years, currently living on the two. However, in the eyes of the mother and son familiar neighbors, the mother and son relationship is very good. It is reported that the deceased surnamed Yang, Yang aunt every day and we play cards, his son every time they have to ask her mother in the absence of. Our neighbors a dozen people to travel recently, the son also arranged a visa, absolutely obedient." Allegedly, more than 7 last night, Yang aunt and neighbors say goodbye early, home cleaning room. Around 10 p.m., the neighbors received the news that there was an accident. When Aunt Yang arrived home, the neighbors saw aunt fell in the kitchen room, then contact the 120 will be sent to the hospital. So far, the details have not been disclosed. Police said it was a criminal case, further investigation is underway. Xinmin Evening News Xinmin reporter Xiao Junwei,相关的主题文章:

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