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Serie A Review – Naples cut three consecutive wins in Rome 0-1 negative – Sohu sports Beijing time on September 19th morning, 2016-2017 season, the end of the Serie A round of the fourth round of contention for the. Milan beat 1-0 to win 2-1, Inter Milan beat juventus. Naples play well, home 3-1 beat Bologna. While Lazio home court 3-0 victory over Pescara, get their first win of the season in the home court. Lazio 3-0 of Pescara in thirty-fifth minutes, Kapp Larry Bastos tackles, Pescara won a penalty, but May Mu Shai had a penalty shot. Sixty-seventh minutes, Brazil player Felipe Anderson right pass, Milin’s Savage header score, leading 1-0 Lazio. Seventy-second minutes, cataldi corner, pull Du head to expand the score, Lazio 2-0 lead. Seventy-fifth minutes, Keita breakthrough campagnaro and Bruggeman back for plug yinmobilai, yinmobilai score, Lazio 3-0 lead completely lock on the victory. Subsequently, the two sides have no achievements, and ultimately the blue eagle 3-0 victory to win the first victory at home this season. Naples 3-1 Bologna fourteenth minutes, Yin xinie left Xiezhuan area, Callejon header succeeded, Naples 1-0 Bologna, get a dream start. It is worth mentioning that this is kaliehong after joining Naples scored fiftieth goals. Fifty-seventh minutes, Bologna player Vilde long shots, the ball went straight to the top left corner, Bologna drew 1-0 in Naples. Sixty-seventh minutes, Hamm Sieck left wing straight biography, Milikede after the ball left foot volley lob network, Naples 2-1 Bologna. Seventy-eighth minutes, Milike Youlei got the ball inside, the left foot low shot, the ball into the net, Naples 3-1 Bologna. The final Naples 3-1 defeat opponents, won, won three Serie A win. Udine J 1-2 Chievo Chievo Verona player Meggiorini eleventh minutes, the central area to the header, but the ball missed the goal. Twentieth minutes, Castro restricted central try header, the ball higher than the upper right corner goal. Twenty-fifth minutes, Zapata received a pass in the restricted road header, the ball flew into the bottom left corner, Udine J 1-0 verona. Eighty-second minutes, Castro left foot in front of the goal line, the ball flew into the goal from the road, assists Pellisier, Chievo equalised 1-1 Udine J. The 90+5 minutes, Caccia Tore left foot in front of the goal line, the ball flew into the goal from the road, Udine J 2-1 win Chievo juesha. Cagliari 3-0 Atlanta eighth minutes, Cagliari player Borriello central left foot shot, the ball flew into the goal from the top right, Cagliari 1-0. Fifty-fifth minutes, Cagliari player Mark – Isla received a pass in the Soviet central area right foot shot, the ball into the net, Cagliari 2-0 Atlanta. Seventy-third minutes, Borriello scored two, succeeded in the closed road left foot, Cagliari 3-0)相关的主题文章:

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