September China good list announced 8 people in Shaanxi (Group) on the list yuria

September "China good list" announced, Shaanxi 8 people (Group) list recently, organized by the central civilization office, China Civilization Network hosted "I recommend, I comment on the good people" activities, September "China good list" list announced, 8 people in our province (Group) list. I recommend the list of good people, at their own expense for the villagers free farm house founder retired teacher Li Chuanwen was rescued his helpfulness good, sixty elderly bus driver Wan Xiaolong and Wu Shuanjun was courageous man, led the team to Qinliqinwei integrity radiation products to more places, Li Changbin Shijinbumei promote positive energy society Shen Bingwen was honest and trustworthy good, the mountains contained 25 Platelayers National Guard Li Dexian, adhere to 14 years in three feet platform to show the talent, Wang Fangxia flood for the protection of the masses of life property safety Quanxian village clerical Hu Wanchun selected dedication good, the nursing home in Xiaogan village Su Chaowa in filial piety is always good. It is understood that "I recommend, I review the good side of Internet voting has begun in October, before the end of the month, users can log Chinese good list page message review, cheer for side models. (reporter Zhao Bo)

九月“中国好人榜”揭晓 陕西8人(组)上榜近日,由中央文明办主办,中国文明网承办的“我推荐、我评议身边好人”活动9月“中国好人榜”名单揭晓,我省8人(组)上榜。我省推荐的上榜好人中,自费创办农家书屋为乡亲免费开放的退休教师李传文入选助人为乐好人,舍身救起六旬老人的公交车驾驶员万小龙和吴拴军入选见义勇为好人,带领团队亲力亲为将诚信产品辐射到更多地方的李长滨、拾金不昧弘扬社会正能量的申秉文入选诚实守信好人,深山守护国道25载的养路工李德现、坚持14年在三尺讲台展示才华的王芳霞、洪水中为保护群众财产安全献出生命的村文书胡万春入选敬业奉献好人,情系养老院孝感全村人的苏潮娃入选孝老爱亲好人。据了解,“我推荐、我评议身边好人”活动10月份网络投票已经开始,月底前,网友可登录“中国好人榜”页面进行留言评议,为身边模范人物加油。(记者 赵波)相关的主题文章:

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