September 30th mutual gold news at a glance the central bank will carry out the payment account name boee

September 30th mutual gold news at a glance: the central bank will carry out the payment account name system will carry out investigation of central bank payment account name system investigation yesterday, the central bank held a strengthening the payment and settlement management, telecommunications network to prevent new crimes in the national television and telephone conference, will pay for the entrance of the electric network model to combat illegal and criminal activities. Central bank vice governor Fan Yifei pointed out that the current telecom network model in the criminal system, lack of paid links have not followed, the lack of supervision, consumer education is not in place and other issues, he stressed, should attach great importance to the account name system account, the prevention and the two aspects of the investigation to carry out the account from the account name system incremental. [Beijing Commercial Daily] from Hengfeng bank abandoned P2P custody of more than 20 P2P in March off recently, according to informed sources, Hengfeng bank will abandon P2P platform funds depository business, online depository system platform may return within 3 months, including on-line and not on the line. Then the Phoenix WEMONEY from near Hengfeng bank who confirmed the news: "Hengfeng bank by bilateral inside and outside influence, the Internet Financial depository business is suspended, previously responsible for the business management personnel, is no longer in charge of this business docking per capita. If there is no other changes, at present, all submitted to Hengfeng Bank Internet banking platform will be off the shelf, the stock has been on the line of customers will also be removed within 3 months." [Phoenix] WEMONEY the Ministry of Finance issued "four aspects of the development of inclusive financial measures for the administration of special funds for subsidies and incentives" recently, the Ministry of Finance issued the "document of inclusive financial development funds management approach". Management approach, said it would strongly support the development of Inclusive Finance, accelerate the establishment of a comprehensive well-off society to adapt to inclusive financial services and security system, strengthen the development of inclusive financial management of special funds. Inclusive financial development funds, refers to the central government for funds to support the development of inclusive financial transfer payment, including financial institutions in the county agricultural loans incremental incentives, specific subsidies for rural financial institutions, business loans discount and premium, the government and social capital cooperation (PPP) projects Yijiangdaibu 4 directions for use. [WEMONEY] the Phoenix Shenzhen to carry out the history of the most stringent regulation of real estate loans, raise public crackdown Shoufu purchase according to Shenzhen Daily reported that the Shenzhen municipal planning and land authority to institutions directly under the District Administration issued "on the real estate market to carry out special rectification work notice", special inspection requirements of the Department of homeland planning the land area planning and supervision departments of Shenzhen City real estate development companies, brokerage business behavior, illegal behavior of the masses of complaints or reports of the real estate business investigation. Shenzhen municipal planning and Land Authority real estate department official said that the special action will be illegal to carry out illegal business of real estate finance real estate enterprises in the market of daily supervision, thorough investigation of the development of enterprises and real estate brokerage agencies to carry out illegal "Shoufu loans", "raise the purchase" illegal behavior, once discovered, the first time of investigation and punish. [finance] this year, the Internet will exceed 400 billion of the size of the insurance companies listed on the list of non risk.相关的主题文章:

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