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Strengthen the screening of high risk infants to reduce the incidence of cerebral palsy – the Sohu health has demonstrated that children with cerebral palsy is before birth, birth process and after birth, due to brain hypoxia, ischemia, hemorrhage, infection and other reasons. In general, many children with cerebral palsy caused by premature birth, dystocia, hypoxia, jaundice and other reasons, "also have a family history of genetic disease, low birth weight (birth weight? 2500 grams), macrosomia (birth weight > 4300 grams), the neonatal period had been suffering from the severe infectious disease; neonatal body weight of 28 days growth of less than 250 grams, the mother suffering from metabolic diseases, infectious diseases, sexually transmitted diseases and a variety of moderate and severe complications of pregnancy, threatened abortion, the mother had abnormal pregnancy and childbirth history: natural abortion? 2, perinatal death, birth defects and cerebral palsy, infertility, birth or age 35 years of age, primiparous multiparous?? the 40 year old mother, early pregnancy with virus infection, drugs affect the fetus, exposure to radiation, toxic and teratogenic substances and suspected occupation of smoking (10 cigarettes a day or more), drug abuse, alcoholism and other bad habits These can also be classified as high risk factors of cerebral palsy. For the birth of these high-risk factors of the baby, the parents should pay more attention to it, which is to ensure that children can get an important step in early treatment. Early discovery is that parents should focus on risk factors of cerebral palsy in children who, in these children once found retardation, abnormal posture or abnormal muscle tension to send professional medical institutions. Experience has shown that children with cerebral palsy in the early diagnosis and early treatment can make the damaged brain tissue caused by dysfunction improved or completely compensatory, although there are children with brain lesions, but the muscle tension and abnormal posture and reflection tends to be normal. More importantly, due to the improvement of motor function, so that children can be widely exposed to the outside world, but also to promote the development of children’s intelligence, is conducive to future growth and development. Although children with cerebral palsy cannot cure or rehabilitation, but through our treatment can achieve the greatest degree of recovery, let the children can not go to walk, let the children walk to aid can walk independently, let the children postural can restore near normal people. At present the treatment of cerebral palsy rehabilitation is a scientific and effective rehabilitation rehabilitation training – surgery, orthopedic treatment — after such a long process, must not give up halfway. Any lack of a link, will cause the effect of discount. The principle of treatment is to promote early diagnosis and early treatment, to promote the development of normal motor sense, and to suppress the abnormal movement pattern. The specific treatment methods including physical therapy, massage, hydrotherapy, orthotics and surgery, such as the highest incidence of spastic cerebral palsy may be used for the FSPR operation, the operation is closely combined with limb spasticity, through the instrument determination, to find out the brain resulting in cerebral palsy spasm followed by "Curse" — La fiber. And then selectively cut off it, completely remove the limb spasm, reduce muscle tension is too high. Of course, postoperative rehabilitation training is the guarantee of the effect, the lifting of the surgical limb spasm, the purpose is to lay the foundation for rehabilitation training on post. Cerebral palsy.相关的主题文章:

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