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SARFT TV broadcast not to purchase standard star entertainment Sohu to further standardize the administration of bargaining – TV broadcast purchase   Sohu entertainment according to "radio commentary" reports, the general office of the State Administration of press and publication issued "national news publishing office of SARFT to further strengthen the TV purchase management" (notification the new broadcasting office issued 2016 No. 93). The circular requires further strengthen the management of the work of the purchase of the TV series, standardize the evaluation system of TV drama broadcast, bargaining standards, as well as acts of television publicity. At all levels of TV broadcasters in the TV broadcast in the process of purchase shall specify the actor, not to celebrities as bargaining standard, the star was not excessive speculation in TV propaganda work. The quality evaluation system is the core of the evaluation system. Purchase drama specification shall not be designated in the work of the purchase of the TV star actor, the delineation of the scope of the star actor, star performers for the bargaining standard. Especially on the satellite broadcast channel must first, strictly implement the. The ideological content, propaganda behavior should focus on the drama art style, production quality, and the creative team to participate in the situation, not in the TV commercials, interviews and other promotional activities in the hype over the stars. The details are as follows: the notice of the general office of the State Administration of radio, film and television (SARFT) on Further Strengthening the management of the purchase of TV dramas相关的主题文章:

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