Safety through the baby’s 2 recommendations incubus

Through the 2 proposal [Abstract] baby toddler age began to learn to walk, the ability to continue to strengthen the action he faces the possibility of danger is also increasing, then need to pay much attention to the safety of children, not only to cultivate the ability of his, but also eliminate the risk for it. Training capacity for the baby to improve the home space, not just for security considerations, but also to bring a baby can learn, display the ability of the place. Living room: put a set of small tables for children. Dining room: a small table with a baby that can help prepare food or meals. Kitchen: ready to step on a baby can touch the sink stool, pay attention to safety. Toilet: prepare the baby’s toilet. Bathroom: put a vase in the washing cabinet, put the baby’s toilet, so he can get. Bedroom: put a short bed, so that the baby can get up on the bed. Balcony: put a height suitable for the baby’s clothes hanger, let him help wash clothes can dry. Out of danger when the baby starts to walk, and is free to use both hands to take things, as if it is closer to the danger. Therefore, please start from the change in the home furnishings, the establishment of a safe home environment for the baby to create a paradise for exploration! Balcony or windowsill: if the home balcony or window without a fence, or balcony railing height of 85 cm or less, railings horizontal interval of more than 10 cm, it is easy to lead to danger. Home decoration: decoration materials in the home position should not prevent the baby learning to walk, should have the dangerous goods out of the baby’s height, and pay attention to furniture is sharp, if add crash cushion. Doors and windows: the baby easy to open and close when using pinch, pinch pad is a good choice. As for curtains and ropes, should be rolled up to the height of the baby can not reach. Xiaobian summary: toddler baby is very prone to accidents, mom and dad in the development of the baby’s ability to move must pay attention to protect the safety of the baby.相关的主题文章:

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