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Home-Improvement Even if you don’t have a neighborhood watch program in place to prevent the threat of crime, robbery, burglary, and home invasion, there are some effective steps you can take that are actually fun to keep your neighbors involved and alert regarding potential crime threats to your neighborhood. We find that most often, the better your relationship with your neighbors, the more they’ll notice things or take notice of things that look out-of-the-ordinary around your home and neighborhood. The trick is to keep neighbors involved by building great relationships with them so that they remain interested and active in protecting you, your family and community. Equally important is for them to know that they can expect the same from you. Below are some tips for developing great neighborhood relationships with your neighbors and friends. These ideas provide outstanding opportunities to have meaningful discussions with your neighbors and ask them to keep a watchful eye on your home and neighborhood. They also allow you to share your daily habits and lifestyle with your neighbors so that they’ll know when something unusual is occurring at your home, possibly a crime. First, hold block parties or street festivals. These are great vehicles for keeping neighbors interactive, friendly and familiar with each other. They provide an excellent opportunity for neighbors to share and discuss their habits. Knowing each others habits and lifestyles is highly important when detecting crime in the neighborhood. Thats because reporting situations that are unusual or appear strange is often the critical step in preventing crime. Another great idea is to have a guest speaker or professional, perhaps a police officer, come to someone’s home for coffee to talk about crime in the area, establishing a neighborhood watch program and the advantages of installing a home security system. Safe Home Security frequently supports these types of events at the request of customers. Topics during these home security parties often include outdoor lighting, installing video monitoring systems, the importance of a fire escape plan and other home security ideas specific to the customers neighborhood. Organize periodic dinners, pot luck suppers, pool parties, cookouts, etc. for your neighbors so that you meet with them with some frequency, perhaps monthly. Rotating the event on a home-to-home basis helps everyone get to know each other better. This may not sound like you’re doing much on the security front, but the familiarity you have with each other is extremely important in helping you watch out for each other within your neighborhood. These events present valuable opportunities for neighbors to get to know each other and to have important conversations regarding each others habits, travel habits and plans and daily routines. Arranging neighborhood clean ups is another terrific idea. They not only create pride in the community, they keep your neighborhood brighter and cleaner thereby making it less appealing to criminals. Another smart security idea is to create an after school watch program. Senior citizens and stay-at-home parents make good window watchers. They are ideal for keeping an eye on children as well as seniors in the neighborhood. Watchful eyes are important in detecting unusual occurrences in the neighborhood and reporting these events before members of the community become a victim of crime. Remember, the more cohesive and interactive your neighborhood is, the more united the neighborhood will be in the fight against crime. Moreover, Safe Home Security believes it is important for everyone to have a variety of security options in place to keep them protected at all times, from basic home security strategies liked locked doors and windows to neighborhood watch programs and monitored home alarm systems. Together, these home security options reduce your risk of becoming a victim of crime. About the Author: Safe Home Security, Inc. engages in marketing, installing, and servicing security systems for most residential and commercial security applications. Customers receive 24-hour monitored protection from crime, medical, environmental and fire-related emergencies and may choose from a full array of professional security equipment and services, including master control panels and keypads, fire and carbon monoxide detectors, door and window sensors. For more Article Published On: ..articlesnatch.. – Home-Improvement 相关的主题文章:

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