Safe Android Application Development – Be Trustworthy To Users!

Mobil-.puting European regulators are nowadays expressing their concerns that there are some apps, developed for Google Android that may mine users personal data and may pass it on to third parties such as advertisers. More than one fourth users have Android OS based smartphones in UK and these users downloaded about 100 million apps in January alone. But many of these apps can be a threat to users device. Users give app permissions so that it can access and use various features of the OS and device. Many of these permissions are harmless while others are sensitive that may allow developers to hand-on users personal data to advertisers. It has been reported that developers are purposely working on such Android apps development that may provide them access to users personal information. Channel 4 has .missioned MWR Infosecurity to look into rogue app development for Android. They found that there are many free popular Android apps that appear to be engaged in the practice. They also found that top 50 apps are installed with such permissions that allow developers to put their advertisements inside the application. However, by granting permissions to developers, you also provide permission to the advertiser. Many users are not aware of the situation that how their personal information can be used by advertisers. There are applications built on such codes that provide advertising networks with permission to access users contacts, calendar and location. So, these applications are working like spy; they know where you are, they know where your home is and where your office is, they know all the information about your friends, your preferences and everything you search on your device. It may make you feel un.fortable but these applications have power to do that. By giving permission to Your location, user may allow an app to trace him. Now, if your GPS location is stable between 11 PM to 7 AM and between 10 Am to 6 PM, someone may know that where do you live and where your office is. This is just an example to show you that how apps can trace your location. This can victimize businesses that got their application developed from developers. If these developers are not trustworthy, there are chances that the application may be involved in some illegal activity while the initially blamed party will be the owner of the application. If you also want to get an app developed for your business or corporate, it is re.mended that you hire a trustworthy Android apps development .pany. You should check developers credibility among customers and its earlier developments performance and user feedback for each of the apps. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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