Ronaldo dasixi broke many records! Portugal deserved the first-sugus

C Luo dasixi broke many records! The Portuguese first fully deserve C Ronaldo in Portugal staged dasixi sports reporter reported on October 7th + in the qualifiers against Andorra, C Luo Dujin 4 ball, the national team’s first harvest dasixi". After the first half of the European Cup final in July 10th, after the end of the injury, C Luo no longer Qin wang. In Andorra, C Ronaldo is to return to the national team for the first time. Second minutes, fourth minutes, forty-seventh minutes and sixty-eighth minutes, C Ronaldo scored a goal of 4. This is a Portuguese team shirt, C, the first time in a game staged dasixi". Four: Portuguese history of fourth previously, in the Portuguese national team history, only Eusebio, Gomes and Nuno · Pauleta staged dasixi in the national team". Following the 3 seniors, C Ronaldo became the only player to score a single goal in Portugal in a single game in the fourth quarter of the year, with. In July 23, 1966, England 14 World Cup finals against North Korea, Portugal 5 to 3 win, "Black Panther" scored 4 goals. 35 years later, in September 1, 2001, is the world cup, the opponent is 7 to 1 victory over Andorra, Portugal, Nuno · Gomes scored 4 goals. In November 19, 2003, friendlies against Kuwait, Portugal 8 to 0 win, Pauleta scored 4 yuan. 3 times have staged a hat trick in the national team before the national team scored the first "big four", a Portugal shirt, C Ronaldo had 3 staged a hat trick, but with the national team’s first "big four" one step away. In September 6, 2013, world cup trip to Northern Ireland, Portugal 4 to 2 win, C Ronaldo completed the national team’s first hat trick. In November 19, 2013, the euro zone World Cup playoff, away to Sweden, Portugal 3 to 2 win, C Luo arranged all the Portuguese team goals. In June 13, 2015, the European Cup qualifier away to Armenia, the Portuguese team 3 to 2 win, C Ronaldo scored 3 goals alone. The first person of Portuguese absolute Andorra on "senior Xi", for the country to play 134 games and scored 65 goals, in the national team appearances and scoring, C Ronaldo Portugal became the absolute first person. More than second times for the Portuguese team is Figo, his figure is the 127 game. More than second goals for the Portuguese team is Pauleta, wearing the Portuguese team shirt, he scored a total of 47 goals. A war against Andorra, C Luo also hit the other two records. That is he playing thirtieth games for Portugal world cup, 29 games for Figo, became the first Portuguese people. More than third of the World Cup appearance is Pauleta, field number 25 games. Fourth is Joao · and Simao Pinto, 24 for each field. The 4 ball of Andorra count, C Ronaldo scored world cup to 19 goals, tied the Pauleta, has become the largest Portugal world cup scorer. World Cup goals third Portuguese players Eusebio, he scored 12 goals. How is Figo tied for fourth and postiga, two people each have 9 balls. European Cup P相关的主题文章:

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