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Residential property advertising revenue into "case-dough"   owners to share — Finance — original title: residential property advertising revenue to "case-dough" owners share now in residential areas can be seen everywhere: some commercial advertising in the light box plot trail, some in the elevator or the elevator car, some even covered the entire floor. But these are not accustomed to seeing strange small ads, really should quietly with the owners eyes curtain? Owners should have the right to share the proceeds of advertising? In the interview, the reporter found that the sale of small advertising, who should return to become a confused account. Insiders and legal experts have said that in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations, the community public advertising revenue should be decided by the owners and owners committee timely publicity, but because of the "birth", the subject of law enforcement is not enough, the blank of law and other reasons, often let the advertising revenue become a hidden property company accounts, quietly into the pockets. Advertising is full of eyes quite Mr. Zhu complaints owners who lives in Harbin City, an upscale district, just moved into residential area within the first two years, almost no what advertising, but the last two years, he found not only in the corridor on the elevator wall installation of the advertising screen, even the elevator car are also covered with advertising card. "Because the elevator door to switch so often did not hang, the remaining three sides are linked to the billboard, and advertising every two or three months for a change." Zhu said. In addition to the eye of the elevator advertising, many owners also told reporters that some areas of the light box, the column next to the billboard also hung up. These advertisements in the center, plastic surgery hospital, housing, recruitment are mostly public advertising etiquette, the integrity of the traditional virtues of occasionally, but few in number. In a Harbin city built near the area, many owners also reflect just live in a new house, the advertising board has in the elevator contain live owners. "Both sides have, what are some fast food take away." One owner said. Many owners said in an interview, they are often concerned about property costs, heating fees, parking fees on the table on the income, even see advertising, do not know who sold out "for managers who are and whether the violation of the rights of property owners, respondents also often said little is known and somewhat helpless. Just bought a house in Tianjin, Mr. Su said in an interview: "the location of these owners are common in the District, the board should not be installed by us? Who in the hell did the Lord?" Mr. Zhu also questioned his daughter on the fifth grade primary school, every time after the daughter came home from school, her daughter went into the elevator will stare at the billboard to see for a long time, and then pointing to the billboard asked: "Dad, what is what is hyaluronic acid, needle free injection water", which makes him very helpless. Property buried a hidden income accounts respondents in some owners believe that the community is not completely not advertising, but the content and the advertisement, the property did not seek the views of owners, and lift as the pool area, elevator advertising revenue should be owned by all owners, or in consultation with the owners distribution).相关的主题文章:

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