Red rice note 4 release full metal body price of 899 yuan

Red rice Note 4 release: full metal body price of 899 yuan from the Phoenix Francisco August 25th message, after 2013, millet and China Mobile company in third, jointly launched mobile phone red rice Note4, priced at 899 yuan. Red rice Note4 Lei Jun announced at the conference, from July 2013 to July 2016, a series of red rice mobile phone sales have exceeded 110 million units. China Mobile said it would strive to sell more than 30 million mobile phones millet. Back to the protagonist of this conference, red rice Note4 using an integrated metal body design, the central line of symmetry throughout the entire design language. Its back to support fingerprint identification, the use of ceramic sandblasting process, a total of gold, silver, gray three colors. Red rice Note4 its front is equipped with a 5.5 inches 1080P resolution display, built a MediaTek Helio X20 ten core processor, and supports the largest 128GB memory card expansion. The camera is also a 13 million pixel rear plus 5 million pixel front camera combination. The network in terms of network standard support dual card (three select two) 4G full Netcom, the joint China Mobile released together, so also support VoLTE. Red rice Note4 rear battery capacity of 4100 Ma, millet side said the machine supports about 11 hours of heavy use. The red rice Note4 equipped with MIUI8 stable version of a few days ago began to push the upgrade, this version of the system was improved in color, font, and other aspects of animation system, added dual system, application of spare, sweep interception function, pseudo base station problem. Price, 2GB running memory plus 16GB fuselage storage version priced at 899 yuan, while the 3GB running memory plus 64GB fuselage storage version priced at $1199. The morning of August 26th 10 at the official website of millet and China Mobile’s official website and other electronic business platform stock on sale. (Liu Zhengwei)相关的主题文章:

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