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Recommendation: Europa League Manchester Biwei scored three points is not easy, not afraid of inter Southampton home court! Sohu – Sports Europa League: Farenair Pace vs Manchester: November 4th 02:00 before the 1 Farenair Pace rotation information: some players in the weekend of the league, the Champions League should be the strongest team. The 1 United the game in defence will have big problems this season in the last line of defense is the best team realized two main right back and centre back the Valencia Bailey are all expected to be sidelined, but the weekend league absent because of injury, another defender Smolin will let him rest for the weekend league. 2 according to the Manchester Evening News reported that many fringe players participated in training on Monday, including a long injury comeback Phil · Jones and Schweinsteiger, so Mourinho would not rule out that they staged battle back. The 3 United League although Burnley draw, but the team’s performance against Chelsea before and is much better, but no goal is indeed very surprised and very unlucky, if the game can keep the same state and the weekend will be very easy to win, but even so Mourinho has also received criticism, after all his recent the Premier League record is flattered, Mourinho nearly 26 League 8 wins 6 flat 12 negative. Recommendation: Farenair Pace Wei will now soil super ranked fifth, 2 league wins but the state is not so stable, the current Champions League 4 points ranked third, and the recent 3 united fronts, the weekend league was also not stable at Burnley at the Premier League only ranked eighth, but the Champions League 6 points tied for first place. The United disc guest Let flat half high water dish out, handicap is undoubtedly shallow, shortly after the water level continued to decline to heat water, Manchester is larger, the compensate is currently away unilateral down, Manchester United have obvious advantages but no handicap support, the guest should not overestimate the reds. The disc recommended: Farenair Pace Genpins (+0.25) inter road fraught with grim possibilities! Biwei recommendation: the Southampton team ranked second with 4 points, Milan international product 3 bottom group. Both sides of the recent state were general, two team state undulating, the recent five games won two wins and a flat two negative, the last five games is two wins and three losses. Track, two teams before the group phase played a ball victory over Inter home court. The disc open handicap, the highest is given the Lord let half high water, the lowest hemisphere low water, the water shortly after the plate were unified adjusted to half, compared with the away tie plate compared to return to the home court given a handicap, make concessions. The compensate, his immediate index of between 1.62 to 1.75, Pingfu for immediate index showed a steady increase of water level is not obvious, immediate prevention. Asia Europe at present to maintain synchronization. Until now, the disc on the lower water level to compensate, and immediately found significant support. The combination of fundamentals and handicap level changes, the more worth the investment! The disc recommended: Southampton rangban Yi ball (0.75)相关的主题文章:

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