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Raise the public list | UAV project to raise the public small – Sohu technology Mr. Geek for you every day to select the most important information to raise the public to use big data to tell you at home and abroad to raise public market compared with the surrounding Industry Amidst the winds of change "digital" Redubujian, 7, the total financing continuously ranked first; "intelligent travel" category followed by "UAV" with several top 3 explosion models. Taobao all the chips in a relatively high level of stability today. Many adult friends have a child playing with a remote control car remote control aircraft and the complex, almost every father feel shy PA son not to let go of the remote control car. As a new product of UAV aerial and self industry now, but also has certain interest, more and more people are familiar with and favor. In recent days "UAV" category hot let Mr. Geek adorable introduction on a raised platform of UAV idea. NANO Lang dragon UAV on-line Suning to raise the public, get million capital inflows in 9 days, ranking third categories. The first to see rangsuning all the chips into the public view of NANO Lang dragon UAV, UAV and most is different, you can put the drones and iPhone together into the bag, and adjust the angle of view. The photo shoot as shown (Geek model, Jun said pretty) in addition to the Lang remote control using a mobile phone instead of the dragon, this seemingly easy replacement is safe and stable, really? The UAV HornetS hornet category ranking first, raise experienced 50 days in Taobao public, get million total financing. The peak of 3 million 230 thousand financing, financing net inflows more stable daily to see the details page, 120 km of h speed, hovering around the point of interest, hot to follow, and the modular design, a lot of fancy features. Perhaps each feature has its own unique audience groups. Light is that it is for beginners mode, maybe some people think the actual project from the user point of view to do. Geek Jun small congregation raised in the process, the project team sometimes need to stand in the user’s point of view to consider some really practical, useful little details. The following figure, Frestech on hand to receive professional training than to buy a high value of uav. Set the gear to get publicity effect is more exciting content, real and effective access: pay attention to our micro-blog: @ geeks horizon V concern micro signal: Geekview QQ we concern our public number: geek horizon相关的主题文章:

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