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"Quanzhou culture week? Master of Arts and crafts exhibition" held in Beijing – China News Agency, Kuala Lumpur, September 23 in Malaysia (reporter Zhao Shengyu) "Quanzhou culture week? Master of Arts and crafts exhibition" in 23 in Malaysia, the famous tourist city of Malacca held. The world of Minnan Culture Festival Organizing Committee Chairman Yan Tianlu said in his speech, the Quanzhou municipal government and Malacca hope to build a good mechanism to support Malacca in the process, at the same time can make the Quanzhou process well in the overseas development and inheritance. He said, Quanzhou has a long history of traditional arts and crafts, and many kinds of exquisite art, is to lay and support Quanzhou as the first batch of national historical and cultural city and elected the first "East Asian culture" is an important cornerstone of Chinese. He said, I hope that through this event, to awaken the younger generation, to contribute to the culture of southern fujian." The exhibition showcases 25 Works of the 19 Quanzhou outstanding young master of Arts and crafts, including ceramics, carving, lacquer line carving, paper texture painting, painted blue, Yongchun puppet head, color bar, lanterns, paper cutting, ship making, incense products etc.. The head of the delegation of Quanzhou Lin Peihuang said in his speech, I hope through the world an important platform for Taiwanese Culture Festival to showcase the arts and crafts of Quanzhou, because it is of far-reaching significance in carrying forward the excellent traditional culture of South Fujian, Quanzhou and all over the world to enhance exchanges and cooperation, expand the Quanzhou arts and crafts, enhance the visibility and influence of Minnan culture soft power. According to another report, sponsored by the Quanzhou municipal government of Quanzhou 2016 Fujian cultural week, held in Malacca, Malaysia, 22. "Quanzhou Culture Week" is one of the 2016 world series of activities of Minnan Culture Festival, rich and colorful culture activities, including Quanzhou impression promotion, genealogy query and roots service and arts and crafts exhibition, calligraphy exhibition, acrobatics and roots Association etc.. (end)相关的主题文章:

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