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Putin interview, talked about the BRIC, but also said what? – Beijing, xinhuanet.com Beijing in October 14, the Russian satellite international news agency and broadcast on radio 13 on the Russian President Vladimir Putin’s interview?. The departure of Putin in India to attend the GOA held the eighth meeting of the BRICs leaders before the joint interview satellite news agency and India news agency IANS. Putin focused on BRICs cooperation, which is considered to be one of the key elements of building a multipolar world. He believes that the five members always adhere to their commitment to the basic principles of international law, and has been promoted to strengthen the core role of the United Nations, do not accept the pressure force and the violation of the sovereignty of other countries on policy, some international hot issues, including the crisis in Syria and the settlement of the Middle East issue, "have a consistent point of view". He also talked about the relationship between Russia and India, the integration process and to deal with security challenges, the language reflects the consistent Putin style". The relationship between Russia and India: "[Putin] special strategic partnership" with two words: a description of the relationship between Russia and India, both can be described as a "special strategic partnership"; two, the two countries "is to ensure strategic security and stability, the establishment of a just world order of the allies". Economic cooperation, Putin believes that India has been an important economic and trade partners in russia. Although in 2015 the bilateral trade volume decreased by 7.8%, Russia still expressed the hope that with India in an effort to overcome the negative influence mainly by the global market turmoil and the exchange rate instability, promote bilateral economic and trade development in complementary and win-win. Russia also attaches importance to cooperation with India in the energy sector. The construction of "Kudankulam nuclear power plants is currently the biggest long-term cooperation projects in Russia and india. In August, Putin attended the ceremony to deliver the first nuclear power plant to India, along with India’s prime minister, Mr. Modi. Putin said, will soon put into operation second nuclear power units. The first and second units will be put into production planning to improve the energy supply in India, strengthen its energy security. Political cooperation and exchanges between the two countries are also very active. The highest level meetings are held every year. The Intergovernmental Committee on trade, science and technology and cultural cooperation between Russia and India is also working effectively. Military cooperation, Putin think both in directly provide the latest weapons and military equipment, and joint research and development or in the India area, as well as in military production, Russia has been in a leading position. The successful implementation of joint projects include: production of "Brad Moss" supersonic cruise missile, and the development of the fifth generation fighter. Regional economic and Trade: "big Eurasian partnership" Putin believes that the current world economic and financial situation is still grim, has not overcome the consequences of the global economic crisis. He said: "unfortunately, some countries attempt to trade protection measures and try to build some closed, opaque Alliance (such as the trans Pacific Partnership, or cross the the Atlantic trade and investment partnership) to solve the problem of accumulation." Putin suggested that Russia is willing to work with the BRIC countries, like, committed to the establishment of the principle of WTO, non discriminatory, open economic space. )相关的主题文章:

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