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Software This is a transcript from a series of tutorial videos provided by Dependable .puter Guys, Inc. serving Los Angeles California. More people are bringing MAC’s into the workplace, so Ben West From Dependable demonstrates how to connect a MAC to a Windows Server Share. Ben West can be seen on DCG’s video channel on youtube. Dependable .puter Guys, Inc. provides .puter support in Los Angeles and greater Los Angeles since 1993. Hi, I’m Ben from Dependable .puter Guys, and I’m one of their network server engineers. We have clients bringing in Macontosh .puters into the office and need to connect to Windows servers in order to access their files. Today I’m going to show you how to connect from a Mac to a Windows server share. You can start by going to "Go" on the Finder menu. Then click "Connect to Server". You can also use the Apple K shortcut. Once the Connect to Server dialog .es up, you can type in "smb://your server name" and click on "Connect". You will then be prompted for the login to your Windows server. In this instance, we’ll be using the administrator. There’s no need to specify the domain in this step. Once inserted, you can click on "Connect". You’ll receive a list of volumes that you can connect to. These are "Windows Server Shares", that you would normally see by browsing the server. Go to the list and select the share that you want to access and click "OK". It will then bring up a folder containing all of the items in that share. By default, Finder turns off all the network shares on the desktop. So you can click on Finder, and then "Preferences". Check the box for connected servers. You will now see the share list on the desktop for easy access. Once you’re done, you can drag the network share down to the dock and disconnect it. I hope you found this demo on connecting a Mac to a Windows Server Share helpful. If you have any questions about connecting your Macintosh to a Windows server, feel free to contact me in the office at Dependable .puter Guys. DCG exists to contribute to the success of our clients’ small businesses by helping them Monitor, Manage, & Optimize their mission critical information technologies. Choosing a reliable IT provider is one of the best decisions you will ever make, one which will impact all aspects of your business. A solid partner can really make a difference. For .puter support in Los Angeles, trust Dependable .puter Guys Inc. Established in 1993, DCG has helped hundreds of businesses just like yours to maintain reliable .puter networks. So, call Dependable .puter Guys for .puter support at 213-261-3998 . About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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