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Psychology of marriage: a man stealing 7 little bitch hit (Figure) man steal touch 7 performance hit 1, looking for a small bitch to each other, and cold, sometimes also want to hide while derail the spirit of a man is not like the substantive derailment as substantial sex, and the spirit of the derailment performance is a kind of spirit the empathy. So, in real life, the marriage partner is no longer as the most pro people, of course, on the other side of the family and also wanted to keep the distance, even there is no passion, no mood, also want to try to avoid. 2, rather baffling boredom of a thousand li, a man in the spirit of the derailment performance there is rather baffling of a thousand li away, what the heart there will be faithless, his attention is often on other objects, will feel the life of husband and wife is very vexed, or is not fun, feel now partner just drag and excess. So, when the other side have something to ask, or the other party to take the initiative to make love, often will be rejected. So, on the emotional reaction of other is none of my business, you are happy he is not happy, you sad he was completely indifferent. 3, always looking for excuses not to go home, at home alone would derail the spirit of a man, he will feel that home is a burden, think home boring, so often find excuses not to go home, for example to party with friends, or entertainment company. Even when he came home, he would watch TV alone, or play computer games after dinner. Although the same is idle, but not with each other to find some things to pass the time. Therefore, in such a situation, there is a potential crisis in marriage. 4, take each other with others than to see each other, what is not a good life or afraid of people than people, especially in marriage. If a man always because of a little thing to blame each other, sometimes deliberately prick, and always take each other to compare with others, so, this marriage will become more and more boring. 5, remember your birthday, the gift is only a perfunctory man derailed, then on the other side of things is certainly not so hard, for example, on the other side of the birthday of a vague memory, even forget birthdays, or by him a birthday gift to send people to see that buy a perfunctory the. Therefore, the spirit of the derailment of men even if they want to maintain the heat of marriage, it is impossible to do. 6, the heart often has a small secret, do not want to share with the other side of the spirit of the derailment of the party, the heart will often hide some personal concerns, rather than take it out with the other party to share. They are accustomed to open such a private space in the heart, would rather mind storage fermentation, but also do not want to show the other half. 7, do not want to will provoke each other, they don’t hate on each other, once got even wronged cry, he too lazy to go on, but the other side aside, yourself to do your own thing, or to find their own entertainment. In daily life, there is little time to be neither hot nor cold attitude, active affectionate with each other, often after a quarrel, it is very easy to fall into a long period of the cold war. Exclusive statement: This article by author exclusive.相关的主题文章:

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