Part time staff and pay new rules to allow rational return of intellectual labor soulseek

Scientific research personnel and part-time salary out of the new regulations allow intellectual labor to get a reasonable return – Beijing reporter Li Zhen recently, the office of the State Office issued "on the implementation of a number of opinions as to increase the value of knowledge oriented distribution policy" (hereinafter referred to as the opinions). Which pointed out that to promote the formation of increasing income distribution mechanism of knowledge value, expand the autonomy of the universities and scientific research institutions, the income distribution, allowing researchers and teachers according to the law of moderate and part-time salary, strengthen the scientific and technological achievements property of long-term incentive to scientific research personnel. The opinion was heading, which triggered a heated debate. In this regard, the State Council Information Office held a press conference the day before, the interpretation of the authority. Goal orientation: the innovation of income distribution all innovation activities, scientific and technological activities must rely on talent. The incentive to play the guiding role of the income distribution policy, make intellectual labor to get a reasonable return, to mobilize the masses of scientific and technical personnel enthusiasm, initiative and creativity, it is important for the construction of an innovative country and country in science and technology. Therefore, the Communist Party of China proposed in the fifth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee, to implement the distribution policy in order to increase the value of knowledge oriented, which has become the key task of this comprehensive deepening of reform leading group established. August 30th, the twenty-seventh comprehensive deepening reform leading group meeting, this opinion was eventually adopted. According to the Deputy Minister of the Ministry of science and technology Li Meng introduced, the opinion is mainly for scientific research personnel, especially the actual contribution of intellectual labor and income distribution does not completely match the problem, to solve the equity incentive policy is lack of long-term incentive for innovation, internal distribution mechanism is not perfect and so on shortcomings. Li Meng said that the views provided a new income distribution oriented. Opinions to build a three yuan salary structure". The so-called "three yuan", including basic salary, performance salary and the transformation of scientific and technological achievements. Of particular importance is the establishment of an increase in the distribution of knowledge value orientation, the goal is to create knowledge in the whole society to create value, value creators can be a reasonable return of such a virtuous circle. Part time and salary: to encourage restraint and a highlight of the opinion is to allow researchers and teachers part-time and salary. Many people are very concerned about whether the primary and secondary school teachers belong to this range. Conference, Li Meng made it clear that the views apply to universities and research units, does not involve the problem of primary and secondary schools. In allowing researchers and teachers and part-time salary issues, opinions put forward two measures: one is to allow researchers to work part-time, two is to allow more university teachers engaged in teaching, to obtain legal income. At the same time, Li Meng also said that this opinion is still based on the direction of the main content, specific to the implementation, the need for further study. Next, the Ministry of science and technology and the Ministry of education will promote universities, research institutes and other departments and units to develop appropriate management practices and management rules, in order to open up policy. At the same time, opinions on part-time and salary also made the corresponding binding provisions. For example, in the scope of the public to encourage researchers to do part-time jobs, including participation in decision-making advice, poverty alleviation, science, legal aid and academic organizations and other activities. At the same time, a part-time job to obtain the consent of the unit, and the premise is to perform a good job responsibilities,.相关的主题文章:

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