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Park Geun hye made a big taboo in ancient and modern politics of South Korean President Park Geun hye cronies "intervention" event is still fermenting. At the beginning, "said Park Geun Hye bestie" Cui Shunshi, accused of speech in the background review and revise the draft park. Now a lot of external information, such as the Cui Shunshi, there are 7 other people in government intervention, political, economic, religious, life, a jumble. Cui Shunshi has been detained South Korean prosecutors emergency, she will have the following investigation: whether the improper means to arrange her Zheng into Ewha women, whether government intervention and public authority personnel arrangements, whether to buy real estate and hotel in Germany and in violation of law "and" foreign exchange trading company in the process of setting up the personal tax evasion, suspicion of a number of 10. Pu Jinhui himself has reorganized the presidential palace, received 8 core staff’s resignation, she also published apology to South Korea national speech, but did not play a significant positive effect, since the crisis, but also put in front of her. The word "dry politics" is dazzling and complicated. China ancient history, cronies, eunuchs, concubines, bribery, the main business consumption do get soldiers, History is full of such instances. The distribution pattern of political power in ancient central government, trust in the name of love by the stem, from the highest level of intervention in the political life of the country, often leads to the intensification of contradictions, causing unrest. Most politicians do next is not good, they also have many times the scenery, chill, dark decay of the gas. The modern political, military intervention in Thailand frequently, become an important phenomenon in the history of the country’s political development. As a "Post Modernization" in the country is a success in Turkey since the last century, the beginning of 60s, the army has also embarked on the national political stage, several intervention on the stability of political order, deepening democracy has great influence. Different from some of the historical events of the column of shame, some of the special interference in government affairs is relatively complex. Pu Jinhui’s cronies "intervention" events, there are some features of ancient politics phenomenon. For example, trusted identity, broke into the restricted area of business interests, etc.. South Korea is a country occupying the position in the modern democratic politics, but the "dry politics" appears in the appearance of the ancient court politics. The Korean public anger come from? To some extent, it is not because they have a wealth of knowledge of democratic politics, but by common sense, can see the improper and absurd. The assassination of the assassination of his father, mother, sister, unmarried…… Pu Jinhui as the first female president in the history of Korea debut, unfortunate life color objectively helped her to win a lot of points. What kind of a person’s friends and relatives, what they have done to themselves, is the love affair, to politicians who, because of his public identity will be subject to strict constraints and view. No matter how the event ended, a country’s politicians into national vision in this story, is stored in the national memory, is left to the deep history and human judgment. South Korea emerged from World War II, followed by the construction of a new democratic political structure in the western democratic model, ups and downs. The first president Rhee period, elements of the constitution, the electoral system and democratic politics are, but illegal to amend the constitution, election fraud, manipulation of elections also appeared. After the transformation of the replacement, to promote the country to move forward, often accompanied by chong.相关的主题文章:

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