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Parents of four girls for her head beaten: pull the hair against the wall original title: daughter and roommates are contradictory parents to "help" China Shangluo daily news (reporter Chen Yonghui) conflict daughter with roommates, parents to the school to help her "early", beating the 4 girls; girls were playing the parents rushed to, the two sides clashed, a parent was hospitalized fracture. This happened at the Shangluo Vocational and Technical College. A student: roommate parents pulled my hair into the wall on September 14th morning, the China Daily reporter in Shangluo city hospital to see the beaten 4 girls, they are making inspection 4 per capita in different degrees of headache. "I was just preparing to go to class, and my parents asked me what I called." Hit the students little nonsense, did not wait for her reaction, the other side came directly to her hair began to kick her. "I was in the dormitory next door, a classmate called me, we went to the block was also hit." Xiao Chen, fan Guo’s parents gave her a slap in the face, also pulled her hair against the wall, and now she is feeling headache. Wang said, after the morning up Guo went out, and after a while and her parents came up, the first to play is Xiao Hu, after playing is Xiao Cui, pulling his hair to touch the wall, but also to brush his teeth on the head of the cup. A few girls said that the day before the Guo swept the dormitory, she did not sweep the floor, they did not sweep the floor second days and then sweep, Guo did not care. "We have a dorm room, and we rarely talk to her. Maybe because of the cleaning, she told her parents." A parent holding a child a little hair said angrily, this is Xiao Guo pulled down the parents. Anyway, it’s not right for parents to go to the dormitory. Informed parents said, Guo’s father is the president of a hospital, the other side of the child’s parents are also public officials, such a thing happened, it is not". Parents deny that the child had been killed in the conflict between the students is five years of nursing class a dormitory of the class 3." In the name of Shangluo Vocational and Technical College students to defend the relevant responsible person said, after they learned that about 7:30 in the morning, students Guo’s parents came to the dormitory floor, floor tube block did not stop, they went directly to the 5 floor of the dormitory, the students to the call. The teacher went to the dormitory door, a shot of the parents of the students has arrived, the two sides of the conflict of parents. The responsible person said, the school has begun an investigation, and then make a deal. After the reporter in Shangluo Third People’s hospital to see the injured Guo parents, Mr. Guo rib fracture, and his wife waist and other injuries. Mr Guo said, the evening of 13 children to call him, said the students being bullied at school, "I had to say that the school dormitory roommate exchange, baby know, for baby, listen to him being bullied me very angry. I didn’t beat them, just a few words." Mr Guo said, the morning they came out from the dormitory, the daughter of a roommate’s parents are in the dormitory downstairs, saw them up beat, knocking him down, his wife stops were also wounded. Mr. Guo’s wife denied going to 7相关的主题文章:

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