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Over the weekend, broke into an Jingdong in the land of idyllic beauty! A weekend – Travel Channel travel link in early autumn, wake up some boring. Living in Kyoto, seeing the heavy traffic, the cement forest, breathing PM2.5, urgent need to find a piece of land of idyllic beauty, relax tired body and mind. Suddenly remembered long ago from a Hebei Dachang Hui Autonomous County town of Jingdong – buddy, according to him: that is the latest from Beijing Minority Autonomous County, only 40 kilometers away from Tiananmen, Beijing and Tongzhou District but across the river, but to know and the people there are in the sigh, from Beijing so close, actually hiding a piece of pure land! Say go, we drove to a family of three people to enjoy the national health leisure Valley slow. Jinghagaosu highway along the East, about 40 kilometers to the North River factory. Traffic is still smooth along the way. First of all to see is the first Jingdong in hot springs, but we did not stay here, but to continue along the East Jinghagaosu highway, to the south of the intersection of coal mine, along the line through the city and come to Hong Dachang tourism circle, the location is very easy to recognize, because here is the Beijing seven ring viaduct, across the viaduct to the East about 2 kilometers to see signs of Tourism Link card, intersection apparently riding sculpture. Along the route to go inside, the landscape slowly emerged completely in the formation of small, driving on the road, the speed dropped to 40 mph, on both sides of the trees and vegetation panoramic view, with the cool breeze, even have a feeling of drunk oxygen! Suddenly, want to stop. Along the way there are parking Island, parked the car, I was lying on the grass slightly closed eyes, bathed in the sun, listening to the birds singing merrily, lovers and children don’t stop taking photos, frolic. Really want time to stop here…… According to reports, there are more travel in front, not easy to reluctant to part baby dragged the car, along the travel link to travel. Along the way there are arched bridges, gurgling water, as well as a variety of names can not be called trees and flowers. Friends honest not bully me, this is really a hidden land of idyllic beauty. All about 20 kilometers away to the East, Yang Xin Zhuang grape picking garden, this is the season of grape picking season. Choose a vineyard in large bunches of grapes, translucent crystal, according to the master said, here is a rare grape variety "around Beijing Hutai eight, compared with the ordinary Kyoho, meat more crisp, higher sweetness. Because is the use of organic fertilizer, no pesticide, but also with the pick with the food, we stay here for a long time (eat did not stop), close to noon, the weather heats up, we took two full baskets of grapes left here, continue to the next destination – Wu Xin Zhuang "North river". The two villages are adjacent to each other, with a beautiful countryside. After arriving at the destination, first take a boat tour of the circle, about ten minutes of time, the unique exotic north riverside, as well as an exquisite lounge panoramic view. At this time, stomach started rumbling, we return along the original path. Under the guidance of the local people, came to the east side of the link of a rose garden, where we tasted authentic farmhouse meal, but the taste is not simple simple, every dish revealed相关的主题文章:

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