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Orange skin Xiaoshi   teach you to cut the orange peel tips — Hainan Channel – orange peel soaked what effect? Many fruits are available through drinking water, it will have many unexpected effects, one of which is the orange peel. Today, want to introduce is the orange peel soaked benefits, together with the understanding of understanding. Orange peel soaked effect of xiaoshihewei. We believe that for the efficacy of stomachic is the most know. If the body appear indigestion or bloating and stomach uncomfortable, can be orange peel soaked in water to drink, can be very good to relieve symptoms. In addition to their own production of orange peel tea, you can also take a number of commercially produced good orange peel, thus promoting digestion effect is also very good. Resolving phlegm and reducing the adverse. Orange peel is a traditional Chinese medicine, dried out after preservation. If the body appeared phlegm, cough, remove the amount of the orange peel soaked in water to drink or can be taken directly, can play a very good therapeutic effect. Treatment of thoracic diaphragm Qi stagnation. Chinese medicine believes that, after the orange peel soaked in water to drink with Qi and phlegm role. So, after the body appeared chest qi stagnation problem, can directly take orange peel tea, can restore health to the body quickly. Fish and crab. After eating seafood there will be a lot of people poisoning the body, such as skin rash, abdominal pain, diarrhea and so on, especially after eating some crabs or fish, this time can be a cup of orange peel tea, can solve the problem very well. Refreshing. The study found that the orange peel in addition to a large number of pectin and vitamin C, the content of essential oil is also very impressive. Why does the orange peel give off a faint scent, which is caused by the essential oil in the orange peel. The essential oil has a refreshing and fresh air, fit in a confined space. In addition, after a lot of people sitting in the car will be sick, this time for a while the smell of orange peel, also can get treatment of motion sickness. So, how to cut orange peel? Method of cutting of the orange peel can put the oranges on the table, with the palm down slowly rub back and forth, as long as evenly rub for a while and then peel, orange orange will be like as easy peeling, eat clean and convenient. The orange hand down on the table, rub evenly, if the orange surface pressed by hand slightly soft, basically you can, then near the navel (like the navel is underground as prominent place) place with a knife gently cut a small mouth, avoid not too hard pulling too deep, gently along the incision can be peeled. Stainless steel spoon peel the orange, a long handled spoon (preferably stainless steel spoon), the orange top with a knife or small Tieshao cut off a small piece, the spoon will open along the place, the middle part of orange and orange slowly into the meat, then forced Tang Shishun between the skin and meat the part slowly glide, you can easily put the orange completely stripped out, and the speed is very fast. As long as the fork along the orange sideways a week into it, and then draw a week after the designated orange peel)相关的主题文章:

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