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Moreover, the internet offers more interesting ways to teach and learn music. The internet is indeed a window of possibilities and the music educators must exploit this resource for the benefit of their students, as well as theirs. The online resources for music education cater to both students and teachers. Some focus on teaching students. Many more others focus on the needs of music teachers, both in their instructions and the administrative parts of their job. Online resources for students most of the time boasts of quizzes and games and music lessons. Games include puzzles about music. These intend to appeal mostly to younger children as music students. They also serve as tests to evaluate the students learning. Musical theories and other information about music are also available in these resources. Students may learn the names of music notes, rhythms, terms and the names of famous musicians and composers. These can be references for their assignments. There are sites especially tailored for music teachers. Many of them are even prepared by musical teachers like them, either retired or practicing. Rest assured then that many of these sites provide what are surely relevant to music teaching. Some of them provide teacher-reviewed and summarized links worldwide, and advocacy internet suggestions for beginners who are not astute with internet use. Others even have links to sites for buy and sell of instruments, software and gadgets essential to music teaching. Others are modeled to be a network site for music teachers worldwide. Music teachers can make their own accounts and put in information and applications they would like to share to other colleagues. They also act as forum sites for music teachers where they can discuss any topics about music, or even outside of it! Even some more go one step ahead by offering software or computer programs that aid music teachers with their practice. These features actually include programs useful to the administrative aspect of music teaching. Teachers can manage their student list, give out assignments, check students answers and give out scores, all online. Even students gain from this because they can just pass their assignments online. They can even communicate or consult with their teachers online. Other features enable music educators to actually run a private music studio online! They provide calendars to set schedules of lessons. Or for private studios, students will easily access when their next session will be. This will also facilitate easier monitoring of missed lessons, or schedules that do not link up. Learn To Play Guitar From A Reliable Teacher In Singapore By: Carolyn Butler – Now that you made the decision to learn to play guitar, you will have to do some research as to whether to commence guitar lessons for beginners online or learn to play from a guitar teacher. This is difficult as there are pros and cons to each method of learning to play t … Tags: Guitar Lessons: Tips For Electric Guitar Beginners "�" Part I By: Audrey Tan – Electric guitar, like everything else, requires you to learn the basics before you can play complex songs. Some beginner guitar lessons teach you all the things you need to know before you begin the actual classes. Other teachers prefer to get straight to playing the songs … Tags: Flute Lessons: Caring For Your Flute By: Jess Tan – No matter how sturdy an instrument you have, it still requires regular cleaning, maintenance and caring. If a flute is your instrument of choice, then you need to make sure that it is well maintained so that it can serve you for a long time. Good flute music lessons must i … Tags: Keyboard Lessons: Practising Tips For Keyboard Beginners By: Jazz Tan – Learning any instrument has its own tricks in the beginning. It is essential to learn the basics and then gradually progress towards the more interesting and complex formats. While you might be very impatient to get right to playing the music, it is not advisable to do so … Tags: Flute Lessons: Flutes From Different Countries By: Jess Tan – The flute really is the oldest musical instrument known to humans, except for drums. In this context, it is also an instrument that is globally used and lends itself to different genres of music from different parts of the world. Here, well see a little about flutes fro … Tags: Beginner Saxophone Lessons: Highly Effective Practice Techniques By: Melissa Tan – Enrolling yourself in a one-hour-a-week saxophone music class will not make you a saxophone virtuoso. You may have the best saxophone teacher who can teach you the best playing techniques for beginner saxophone lessons and beyond, but all these would be in vain if you don … Tags: Download Mesmerizing Collection Of Hindi Songs Online By: – Undoubtedly, music has always been an integral part of human beings whether they belong to any religion, gender, caste or country. Tags: Music Theory Lessons For The Beginners By: Carolyn Butler – For the beginner in piano music, what do all those strange symbols and foreign words imply on the music sheet? And does it really matter? Tags: Excellent Place To Listen Latest Bollywood Songs Free By: Ragini Sharma – As we know that music is voice of the soul, the magical creation of god that connects hearts; therefore, ever since humans originated music has been an integral part of our lives which says all things that words alone fails to say. 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