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O’neal: a dream team of two is the strongest in the history of the dream team is believed to see O’neal’s signature dunk Phoenix sports news Beijing time on September 8th, will be formally included in the NBA Hall of Fame center Shaquille O’neal shared a period in the dream team of the video on the social networking platform, and declared the two team dreams is the team the best dream in history. O’neal forwarded video on a personal social networking platform, with the text of the dream team’s best dream – history highlights ", but in fact, the video highlights are all high light highlights O’neal alone. Twitter screenshot 1994 Toronto World Championships, the dream team sent a new lineup, led by Miller and O’neal, they also won the victory of the season. O’neal is the best player on the two team. He averaged 18 points to become the dream team in scoring in the game against Puerto Rico cycles in the second half he kuangsong 10 dunk, completely destroyed the opponent’s psychological defense against China; in the game, O’neal only played 18 minutes scored 22 points, the dream team the great advantage of 132-77 over Chinese. O’neal uploaded dream team dunk excerpt dream team and the two team dreams two a different team in each Olympic Games or the world championships to show their strong dominance. The dream team in the two World Championships he averaged 120.1 points, 37.7 points averaging margin of victory; the dream team is averaging 117.3 points, averaging a margin of 43.8 points. About the dream team and the two team dreams in which team is the best team in the history of the dream, only Different people, different views.. In Beijing on Saturday, O’neal will be officially named the hall of fame, four legend Isiah – Thomas, Julius – Erwin, Bill – Russell and Alonzo Mourning as O’neal references. Yao Ming and O’neal and Iverson. (Gavin)相关的主题文章:

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