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Home-and-Family When it .es to the movie industry you will find no shortage of movie genres to suit your tastes. Those who need a good laugh can find fun in .edy films. There are also action movies for those looking for a bit of excitement, and romantic films to indulge yourself in a great love story. However, if you are in the mood for scary, yet exciting thrills, look no further than horror movies. The horror industry has been experimenting and evolving new ways to thrill the audience for decades. Within this genre you will find numerous sub-genres specifically engineered to appeal to a certain audience. These sub-genres all aim for the same goal, to scare the audience, yet approach the goal with differing tactics and strategies. Take a look at some of the more popular types of horror and some great examples of them. You will find no shortage of "slasher" films when looking for a great horror flick. A slasher film typically centers around a killer, often wielding a knife or some sort of blade, while the killer terrorizes innocent victims. There are lots of great movies in this genre. These include classics like the "Halloween" series, as well as more modern films like the "Scream" series. Ghosts have been scaring people in real life for thousands of years, so its only natural for them to transition to the big screen. Ghost flicks revolve around spectral entities that haunt and torture the living with a variety of frightening tactics. "The Shining" is a classic that is based on a book by a master of horror literature, Stephen King. Other great films include "Poltergeist" and "The Sixth Sense." Zombie films are another very interesting horror sub-genre. Zombies have been a part of human culture and folklore for a very long time, making them an ideal candidate for horror. A zombie, or the re-animated body of a dead human, will feed upon the flesh of other living people. These films are also widely known for their underlying social .mentary. You will find plenty of genre-defining movies in the "Living Dead" series, as well as plenty of modern re-makes and re-imaginings. Of course, monster films are another great way of supplying yourself with thrills. Monster movies follow the path of various types of creatures. There are lots of great, classic films like the popular movie "Frankenstein." Others include "The Mummy" and "The Creature from the Black Lagoon." There are also more modern films, like the "Alien" franchise. Another great set of films revolve around demonic possession. Demonic possession refers to an innocent individual who has been taken over, both mentally and physically, by an unseen demonic entity. Possession movies were permanently cemented in popular culture by "The Exorcist." Other great examples include the "Amityville Horror" series. A great modern film that will appeal to fans of this type is "The exorcism of Emily Rose." Some horror movies serve a very specific purpose for viewers. It gives the viewer a steady dose of thrilling excitement that is both scary, yet entertaining. With so many sub-genres, and both classic and modern examples of those types of movies available, there will be a movie for everyone’s taste. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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