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One of the secret world Top5 Wine Zhuang – Sohu travel to Queenstown to settle down, because do not like two days ago that struggling to hurry, the whole trip is also more compact. For example, our plans for the day: after breakfast to the local famous winery wine tasting, and then go to visit a called "Arrowtown" gold town on the edge; noon back to Queenstown by antique steam boat trip on the lake; the shearing performance at Watch New Zealand pasture. No wonder people say to Queenstown, not enough to play, not afraid of time. One of the advantages of driving during the day is to be able to see the scenery on the road. Yesterday evening arrived in Queenstown, the dark one, what also can’t see. Now the day can finally see what. Tour guide pointing to both sides of the flat buildings, tell us here to rent to work in Queenstown. There are a lot of young people come from all over the world every year, but the government issued the work visa date is very short, probably just a couple of months. Because Queenstown accommodation is very expensive, usually work to earn the money minus the meal, then deduct the accommodation fee There is not much left., so many people but long on the left. And then the new man comes in and goes in again. We asked the tour guide curiously, so why not buy a house to live in or immigrate to Queenstown? Tour guide said with a smile, you do not know how many people want to emigrate to Queenstown, but Queenstown is so small, where enough to live ah. Queenstown immigration card is very tight, also rich areas that place of the house, in private can also buy now, still buy a house?! It suddenly occurred to me that I had been paying attention to Hong Huang’s blog when I was in college. That is the name of the flood of his name, the name of the flood is shaking. Her mother, Zhang Hanzhi, is well known as Chairman Mao’s English teacher. Her ex husband is more famous, the director, Kaige Chen. Hong Huang had mentioned that he and his daughter live in Queenstown all year round, it is estimated that the rich area mentioned in the tour guide. This "Jipusidun Valley winery" visiting today, is the Otago province’s most famous winery, is also one of the top five regions of the world Wine. My father and I are the first time to enter the winery, previously only seen in movies and television. According to the arrangement, we will enter the 76 meter deep valley wine cellar and tasting 3 wineries visiting, specialty wine. Take a look at the bus, we saw a small vineyard. But the eyes are yellow leaves, also did not find a vine. Tour guide said that now has been the season of grape maturity, before the grapes were picked down the wine. And so we will drink wine, is made from grapes here. Walking into the winery gate, the walls are plastered with photos of the history of the winery, wine introduction and wine club. On the booth, it is estimated that the more popular bar. I glanced at the price of RMB, each bottle of wine from hundreds to tens of thousands of dollars. Chateau the main hall with a deep sense of British breath, burning wood charcoal baked to warm the room fireplace, stove hanging from a family banquet painting, painting on both sides is the master treasure wine. Across the world相关的主题文章:

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