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On the court, the middle finger will be punished! Sun Shilin insulted Yilmaz was fined China Football Association yesterday to open a ticket, because up to the other players after the game in that distant soccer player Sun Shilin was suspended for 4 games and fined 20 thousand yuan. In the last 5 games, Sun Shilin had to catch the last game. In a game of 14, Liaozu lost 0:2 security. When the players lined hands after the game, Sun Shilin put up the middle finger toward Yilmaz. The action was captured by the camera lens and heated up on the internet. In fact, the referee was next to him and saw Sun Shilin’s action. According to the competition supervision report, competition video and the statement of the parties, the China Football Association Commission for Discipline Inspection held that Sun Shilin made insulting gestures, so he sent out a heavy ticket. The football association also requests the clubs to strengthen the management of athletes and officials from the angle of maintaining the image of Chinese football. The Football Association’s punishment for disciplinary actions is not limited to the playing time. Before, Dai Lin joked with teammate Zhang Wenzhao at halftime and put back his middle finger and was banned. Peninsula morning news network reporter Sui Haitao, Haili (Peninsula Morning News)

赛场上竖中指就罚! 孙世林侮辱伊尔马兹遭罚  中国足协昨天开出罚单,因在赛后向对方球员竖起中指,辽足球员孙世林被禁赛4场,罚款2万元。中超只剩下最后5轮,孙世林只能赶上最后一场。  14日进行的一场中超补赛中,辽足0:2不敌国安。赛后双方球员列队握手时,孙世林朝着伊尔马兹竖起了中指,这个动作被摄像镜头捕捉到,并在网络上引起热议。实际上,当时裁判就在旁边,也看到了孙世林的这一动作。  根据比赛监督报告、比赛录像及当事人陈述,中国足协纪委会认定孙世林做出了侮辱性手势,为此向他开出了重磅罚单。足协同时要求各俱乐部从维护中国足球形象角度出发,切实加强对运动员、官员的管理。  足协对于违纪行为的处罚,并不只局限于比赛时间。之前,戴琳在中场休息时与队友张文钊开玩笑,向后者竖起中指,也曾被禁赛。半岛晨报、海力网记者隋海涛(半岛晨报)相关的主题文章:

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