Old drivers love the two block start unexpectedly I will wear clutch (video) wetnwild

Old drivers love two block start to know will wear out the clutch of car maintenance anti pit wonderful hiring difficulties must see ah! I know after we consulted the professional automotive experts, directly hung on the two block is not started, it has many disadvantages, if large trucks would be not so obvious, but if it is open the car start with two block of car damage is great. You don’t study mistake these old driver, so as to avoid damage to his car. Here we will take a detailed look at the start of the two barrier to the car. First, the gearbox caused a huge impact if the direct use of high gear starting, so in order to make the engine flameout must improve the speed, when speed is high power and torque will be greater, when the power to the drive system will have a certain impact on the gearbox, and the transmission loss box service life. Second, wear the clutch when using high gear starting clutch gear, and the speed is no way, we must control the clutch to keep its long time in half linkage state, so that the car will not stall, until the release of the clutch can be entered into the current block and bit matching speed can be completely, this time for the abrasion of the clutch is quite large, it will delay the start time. Third, make the engine carbon increase when we use high gear to start because of the twisting force makes a small power and speed are not synchronized, so it will be more than a gasoline block start more, and the direct use of high gear start will make gasoline not fully burning, a long time will cause carbon deposition more to the engine, further increase fuel consumption. But there are also some special cases can use two block start, when the car is in some special pavement, for example when ice and sediment on wet road surface is two block can be used to start the two gear starting torque is relatively small, can make the car in the wet better start section.相关的主题文章:

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